Saturday, July 14, 2012

Return of the Alpine!

Older readers may be familiar with the Alpine series of sports and racing cars.  The company was taken over by Renault in the early 1970's, after which the 'brand name' was changed to Renault Alpine.  I remember driving one in the late 1970's, and being impressed with its performance.

It seems that Renault has decided to revive the brand with its new Alpine A110-50.  It looks to be a larger, much more powerful version of the earlier cars, with a brutally aggressive shape, posture and performance.  Here's a publicity clip of the new car in the Alps, along with one of its earlier siblings.  I suggest watching it in full-screen mode.

Impressive!  I don't have the driving skills to take a machine like that to its limits, and in terrain and on roads like that I don't have the courage to try . . . but I can still enjoy watching others do so!


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Old NFO said...

WOW, I'll bet they had fun filming THAT!