Monday, July 16, 2012

For military and veteran readers

I was highly amused to discover the YouTube channel of The Doctrine Man.  The author's take on modern military life is a hoot!  Much of it is new since my time in uniform, but the basic principles of obfuscation, ass-covering, bureaucrats and BS don't seem to have changed at all.  I daresay a legionary of Roman times could watch these videos (in Latin, of course) and laugh right along with us!

As a sample of what you can expect, here's 'Doctrine Man's Top Ten Military Terms'.  (NOTE:  Language and vocabulary alert for those who aren't used to military-speak.)

The Doctrine Man has many more videos for your entertainment.  Particularly recommended for military and veteran readers.



Morris said...

I find those 10 terms have application in the industrial workplace too. I was able to find a matches from memory to nearly all those! :)

Dirk said...

Corporate workplace, as well. I'm a frequent victim of the "office quarterback", too.

Anonymous said...

The command guidence video brought back bad memories.