Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AR15 magazines at a good price, for a good cause

I know many people are trying to buy extra magazines for their AR15-type rifles at present, but can't find them at reasonable prices.  (For examples of price-gouging at its worst, see here and here - I captured those screen images five minutes ago.  Those magazines sold for $15-$20 each prior to the current panic.  Guess where I'll never be shopping again?)

One dealer has an interesting solution.

You can find out more details at the link.  Basically, they're taking for themselves only $10 per magazine - about what the wholesale (distributor) price of a Magpul PMAG used to be, prior to the current panic.  $35 isn't out of line with current retail prices, but a full 71% of it goes to a very worthy cause.  I think that's a really good idea.

I already have enough magazines for my needs, but if you need a few, I think you could do a lot worse than patronize Quantico Tactical.  Kudos to them for their generosity.



Sevesteen said...

I don't understand gunnies of all people complaining about 'fair prices'--what price should a business set on an item that is in high demand with little hope of timely resupply? If you don't need an AR magazine, don't buy one...but if someone needs an AR mag so bad they are willing to pay an absurd price, isn't it better that some are available at an absurd price, instead of all of them sold 'fairly'?

(there are some reasons I might consider boycotting that particular company, but not for magazine pricing)

Peter said...

@Sevesteen: Sorry, but I don't agree. There's charging what the market will bear, and there's deliberately gouging. Look at what most dealers out there are doing - including the gun show gougers - and then compare it to Cheaper Than Dirt. The difference is obvious.