Friday, February 22, 2013

If you disarm Americans, expect to see this here

I was interested (and amused) to see a photo essay at the Atlantic about the home-made weapons of the insurgents in Syria - like this man throwing a home-made grenade with a primitive burning fuse:

Or this home-made grenade-launching trebuchet:

Or this garage-based 'factory' producing home-made mortar shells:

There are many more images at the link.  Interesting, educational and recommended viewing.

Those who wish to disarm the American people might do well to examine those photographs.  The average US home or small business workshop is cleaner, better lit, equipped with more and better-quality power tools, and used by owners (and their friends) who possess more expertise, than those insurgent facilities.  I daresay if at least some of the owners of such workshops - those more dedicated to upholding the constitution of the United States - were to be deprived of their (currently) legally owned weapons, they might be able to design and produce something rather more lethal and effective than the primitive weapons of the Syrian insurgency with which to express their displeasure.  What are the authorities going to do about it - ban home and small business workshops?



Rev. Paul said...

They wouldn't ban anything; just round everyone up & intern them in the FEMA camps. Heh. (/tinfoil hat off)

LL said...

They would require that you pay the cost of having a 'government monitor' present in your workshop to insure that everything does is in accordance with central planning. Likely they would organize all small shops into one big manufacturing collective...

rremington said...

I have heard that there weren't more than 1-2000 really hard-corp insurgents that kept us tied up in Iraq for years with their IED's. Imagine what creative, motivated, pi**ed-off Americans with nothing left to lose could come up with.

thomas said...

Look at the history of the PPS submachine gun, from WW Russia.
Designed in a city under seige, the completed guns went from factory to front lines in hours. I remember reading that the guns arrived still warm from the factory, although I think this is a "just so" story.
See the PPSH- too.
No telling what Americans will come up with.

Anonymous said...

One single shot gun.
Shoot the enemy
Use his gun and ammo
Paul in Texas