Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If they can't ban guns, they'll try to control ammunition

The anti-gunners are relentless in their efforts to take away our Second Amendment rights, by hook or by crook.  We've seen their efforts to impose technological limitations on firearms - so-called 'microstamping', 'smart guns' and the like - but these haven't made much progress.  Opposition to an outright ban, or a national registration scheme, is very strong, and I think they realize they may do their cause more harm than good by pursuing it at present.

Now they appear to be focusing on controlling our access to ammunition.  We've seen calls to ban the online sale of ammunition, control how much one may buy at any one time, and limit how much may be stored at home.  To illustrate how they're trying to raise awareness of this issue, consider an article in Wired online magazine titled 'Overkill'.  The sub-title reads:  'America is awash in ammunition.  If you want to stop gun violence, start with bullets'.

Guns don’t kill people; people don’t kill people; bullets kill people. As the nation debates, again, the best way to curb gun violence, many of the questions focus on the firearms themselves. But an equally important consideration is ammunition. Roughly 10 billion rounds are manufactured in the US each year, with a weight equal to two Titanics. More to the point, it’s enough bullets to pump 32 rounds into every man, woman, and child in America.

There's more at the link.  Go read it to see an example of the latest form of anti-gun propaganda we're likely to face . . . and expect there to be many more like it.

There have even been suggestions that huge orders for ammunition recently placed by US government departments may be intended to reduce the supply of ammunition available to civilians. So far, I don't think this is correct.  I think the present ammo shortage was caused by a sudden upsurge in demand for firearms and ammunition by those who've just become aware of the threat to their Second Amendment rights, more than any other factor. Nevertheless, I wouldn't be surprised to find some anti-gunners - including members of the current Administration - hadn't taken that possibility into account for future reference . . .



Cameron said...

What is even more sickening is that the anti-gun crowds thoughts on the matter are "It's a right to bear arms! It says nothing about bullets!"

I really am beginning to hate these people.

Dirk said...

WTF? People don't kill people? Really? Whatever they're smoking, they should share with the rest of the class!

But, if they want to carry their original stupidity even further, it's not the bullets, either. As a commenter at Wired said (parapharased) "It's the kinetic energy! Ban kinetic energy!"