Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Never mind gun control - how about criminal control?

The blog 'Charleston Thug Life' asks an excellent question of President Obama.

Hey, Mr. President! Why aren't you going after THEIR guns? You know, the ones shooting up NYC, Chicago, LA, DC and most other medium to large American cities. Do something about their ILLEGAL possession [of] firearms, then you can talk about the legal ones. Dumbass! And yeah, some of us have bled for this country, so we have the right to judge.

Here are some of the photos of thugs with their guns we have posted over the past year. And the idiot in the White House says your AR-15 and our thirteen round Model 21's are the problem.

There's more at the link, including many more photographs of gang-banger low-lifes flashing their firearms and gang signs.

I wonder if President Obama will even bother to read their question, let alone respond?


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Toejam said...

Obama has one objective in pushing "gun control". That's to disarm the responsible citizen. No to stop the "Bro apes" from committing Fratracide.

He could give two-poops about the scum in Chicago, Detroit, Newark/Trenton/Camden (NJ), etc. Their greasing each other and that's very low on his priority list.

Once the citizenry are divested of their firearms his Socialist agenda will sweep the nation unopposed and the Democrat stooges will be toasting their Messiah.