Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The things you find while sorting ammunition . . .

I was quite serious about my earlier comment (in connection with the current shortage of ammunition) that I intend to cut back on the number of calibers and cartridges I keep in stock, and sell some of my firearms and excess stocks of ammo, in order to fund other important items.

I've spent much of today going through my ammo reserve, deciding what to keep and what to recycle.  It's been a bit embarrassing - I keep on finding ammo I didn't know I had!  Just a few minutes ago, while sorting through boxes of miscellaneous shotgun ammo, I came across two 100-round boxes of .45 ACP ball and a plastic packet of 37 assorted rounds of .40 S&W cartridges!  How pistol ammo ended up in my shelves for shotgun ammo, I have no idea . . . premature senility, perhaps?  However, I'm very pleased to find I've got a lot more .30-30 than I thought I had - enough to rest easy for the foreseeable future, and donate some to friends who want it very badly.  That gives me warm fuzzies.

Looks like I'm going to end up with at least a thousand rounds of .45 ACP surplus to requirements, plus at least a thousand rounds of .308/7.62x51mm., the same of 7.62x39mm., several hundred rounds of 12ga. and 20ga. shotgun ammo, and close to a thousand rounds of assorted handgun ammo - several firearms, too.  I'll swap them for other things I need or sell them at local gun shows.  I'd prefer to keep everything, of course, but in today's economic climate, and being on a disability income, there are more important priorities.  That's just the way it is.  (For example, I bought four new tires for my truck this morning.  I've still got about 5,000 miles left in my old set, but with a 30%-50% increase in prices for imported goods predicted for the rest of this year, it makes sense to buy replacements now using a credit card, rather than pay much more later.  I'll take care of the bill by selling other things.)

Previous offers by readers to purchase some of my surplus-to-requirements ammunition mostly didn't work out because of distance, and the cost of shipping (ammo's heavy!);  but if any readers are within striking distance of middle Tennessee and need ammo badly, send me an e-mail (address is in my blog profile) and we'll see what we can do.  Exchanges and swaps are always possible.



BobF said...

I startd it to track my reloading supplies, but found that all my ammo was easier to track using a simple spreadsheet. It has proven to be quite handy as my various ammo cans used for storage are numbered. From that it expanded to each of my guns and mags -- caliber, serial, barrel, etc. I had the same experience as you did, but mine was when I discovered the mags that magically appeared from nowhere.

The dryer eats socks but safes, range bags, and ammo cans multiply mags.

If you do use a file it I suggest you encrypt it.

Oh! Battery change dates for just about everything around here, including scopes and Crimson Trace grips, are in Outlook. No specific dates, just month and year, all on the first of the month.

Old NFO said...

LOL, yeah, you just never know what is hiding where... :-)