Monday, February 4, 2013

Conversation with my wife

One of the things Miss D. and I enjoy about our marriage is that we share a sense of humor, and of the ridiculous.  It helps when we can laugh with, rather than at, each other.

Tonight she was reading a conversation (in comment form) on another writer's blog, concerning writing as art, and sexuality, and the like.  She read part of the give-and-take to me, then asked innocently:

Miss D.:  Darling, would you say that you sublimate your sexuality in your writing?

Me:  (Looks at her silently for a long moment . . . )  You know, that's a question that defies an answer.  If I say "Yes", you'll start making sarcastic remarks about my lack of drive or interest.  If I say "No", you'll ask "Well, what is it, then?"  I just can't win for losing!

She still hasn't stopped laughing . . . lovingly, of course.

(Rolls eyes, stomps off to play with computer)


1 comment:

Rev. Paul said...

You're right, Peter: it's a lose-lose proposition (pardon the bad pun).