Wednesday, April 23, 2014

China's navy does "Top Gun"

It looks as if China's Navy has taken a leaf from the US Navy's collaboration with Hollywood in such movies as "Top Gun".  It's released this publicity video of its 'new' carrier Liaoning and its naval fighter pilots.  I found it a bit cheesy (as I did "Top Gun"), but it's not a bad publicity effort.



MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter;

Yes it is cheesy, but it does show an underlying theme, the Chinese view themselves as a world power and the new century as their century. With the decline of PAX America, What will the new world look like?

c w swanson said...

Well, their carrier is a Russian hand me down, the planes are also Russian, I believe, and everything in the video simply copies American style "Top Gun" propaganda, but with out the throbbing beat. Let's see those top gun fighter jocks land on the Varyag at night, during a storm, and see what happens.

And they paint their planes yellow? Really?

bruce said...

the yellow plane was likely a Chinese design still under testing.

Paul said...

Looks to me like a bunch of recycled F14 on a old Russian boat.

Course give our current leadership they could kick our butt for a time.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with a previous poster - when they can do full 24 hr cycles in mixed wx, they will have made some progress.

And is anyone aware of them doing launch/recovery cycles without the option of feet-dry diverts? I am only aware of them doing coastal crusing off their own coast but may be mis-informed.

Quartermaster said...

They're still learning how to do carrier ops. I don't have much expectation for them at this point, and they have 70 years of catching up to do. They will get there, however.