Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doofus Of The Day #767

Today's award goes to a hapless wannabe bank robber in Florida.

Felipe Cruz was doubly doomed, FBI agents said, when he tried — but failed — to rob the Chase Bank in Pompano Beach on April 10.

First, agents said, Cruz chose a teller who, protected by bulletproof glass, rebuffed his robbery. Second, as if it wasn't enough to botch the stickup, he left behind a robbery note conveniently containing his name.

. . .

The teller simply backed away from her bulletproof window. Cruz, stymied, fled the bank empty-handed.

But, agents said, he left his stickup note behind. His demands had been penned on the back of an online job application form, complete with the handwritten username of CRUZFELIPE36. It also included a password, Gioielli stated in a federal criminal complaint.

There's more at the link.

How nice of him to have entered all his personal information into an online profile even before committing his crime.  The FBI didn't even have to re-enter it all themselves!



Old NFO said...

Idjits... At least he was easy to find!!!

juvat said...

OldAFSarge posted this week about a Courts Martial he was on (recommended reading). I was only on one during my career. The defendant was accused of robbing a museum in town. Testimony was presented that described the robber, about the defendant's height and weight. Had been wearing a ski mask, but because his arms were bare, they knew his ethnicity. When asked by the prosecutor, why the officer thought our defendant was the perpetrator, the officer replied, because he was in uniform with nametag, rank and unit patches on.
Deliberation was short.