Monday, November 7, 2016

Don't forget 'Operation Fast and Furious'

In all the hoopla over the election, many people have lost sight of the scandal over the ATF's 'Operation Fast and Furious'.  It's worth remembering that this was the brainchild of the current administration, which is also responsible for the carnage it's caused.  Two federal agents, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, were murdered with guns involved in the operation, along with literally hundreds of people in Mexico.

The late Brian Terry (L) and Jaime Zapata (R)

Matthew Smith-Meck, a retired Marine officer and a designated whistleblower, was one of those involved in the operation.  He reminds us why it's so important that it never be forgotten.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

That familiar quote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle should have been the guiding principle of any and all erstwhile investigations into Operation Fast and Furious that had truth, answers and facts – no matter where they lead – as the ultimate goals. Sadly, deflecting, denying, delaying, degrading and obfuscating seemed to have been the recurring themes however.

Retrospectively analyzing a series of events that, if taken only as isolated occurrences don’t necessarily indicate a larger concern of great import, when evaluated in toto one finds a connected relationship which perhaps evidences systemic and organizational concealment if not complicity.

. . .

The now predictable and constant refrain from DC - whether dealing with the IRS, VA or Fast and Furious – was that a “rogue official” in some “distant office” was somehow responsible for whatever the scandal might be. If that were the case, one would think that “rogue” official would be held accountable and prosecuted for her or his actions. Distressingly, no one has been held accountable and prosecuted for the illegal gun-walking debacle known as Fast and Furious. Quite to the contrary, the “wagons were circled” and the truth seems to have become the casualty.

Agent Brian Terry – and countless others – sacrificed their lives and/or careers in both holding people/agencies accountable and ensuring the truth was made known to the American people. We only hope that those in DC with only their political comforts on the line will live up to the example that Brian Terry has set for us all. Semper Fi, Marine.

There's more at the link.  Important reading, IMHO - and not just during this election season.  Such scandals can occur under any administration, regardless of its political persuasion.



Keyser Soze said...

Encore! Encore!

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Anonymous said...

I had hoped that Donald Trump would have brought up 'Fast and Furious' more often. Not only exposed incompetent agent work, but exposes how far our Administration will go to cover up the facts, even to point where President Obama had to use Executive Action to protect his friend Eric Holder. I hope that if today's election goes well, that someone in his administration will bring this issue back to the table.