Friday, November 4, 2016

This should set the political cat among the electoral pigeons!

If Anonymous' claims are correct (and, considering what they've accomplished in the past, there's good reason to take them seriously), this is going to throw a tactical nuclear warhead into the 2016 Presidential election.  You'll find their document here.  In part, it reads:

Until this month, WikiLeaks and Anonymous have worked together in building an efficient, detailed, comprehensive set of documents that would be responsible for the incarceration of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and 21 individuals ranging from the DNC, FBI, CIA, and Clinton foundation. These documents will show without a doubt, evidence of Treason, Obstruction of Justice, Election Fraud/Manipulation, and Bribery.

This was intended to be the October surprise. But before the release of these documents, we were contacted by a member of the FBI, as well as another from the CIA, and a week later by the NYPD. All with information retaining to something much darker than even we imagined.

Due to the nature of these leaks, we all worked together as efficiently as possible to ensure two objectives.

  • That all necessary information would be given to the public in an organized, searchable, manageable way.
  • Those who provided us with this information would be able to find safety before these releases were made. (This concern wasn't without warrant.)

The new leaks being released this week will provide documents in the form of emails, pictures, and videos. Within these will be evidence of Bill Clinton, as well as at least 6 other Government officials, taking part in sexual acts with minors. As well as evidence of Human trafficking that also included minors.

We believe these pictures and videos were taken for the purpose of political manipulation. In order to make sure all participants followed through on a previously agreed agenda.

These documents were given to us by an American Government official when he had come to learn that this crime had been covered up by Hilary and her staff through methods including bribery and blackmail. He also told us that due to the restricted access to these documents, they would soon know he was the one who released him to us.

We tried to make arrangements for him to exit the country safely, but he was killed before those arrangements could be carried out. We are still not sure if this is because they became aware of the leak, or if they were scared that he may in the future. In either case, his identity will be made public in this next set of leaks so that he can be honored for the hero that he was.

We will not only be releasing these documents, but we have multiple members of the FBI, CIA, and NYPD who will be publicly verifying their authenticity once their safety is assured.

This hack has not come from Russia or anyone else they may try to blame this on. This is a leak from Americas own Government Officials who fear for their safety had the opposed them directly due to reasons that will be made clear soon.

There's more at the link.

Pass the popcorn, folks!  (A tip o' the hat to Vox, on whose blog I found this.)


EDITED TO ADD:  And this appears to be the first link-dump.  Part 2 is supposed to be posted soon.


Anonymous said...

I have some belief that there counterfeit emails salted with the real ones. Until there is some documentation to back up the claims, I'll remain skeptical.

I am however not skeptical that HRC is a crook and liar.


Old NFO said...


Tal Hartsfeld said...

"Sex Offender Registry" indeed!!!!!

For Joe and Jane Average, that is.

Government and authority are like abusive parents.
"Do as I say, not as I do."

The written laws are apparently designed to "take over" where those-in-charge leave off due to their weaknesses, frailties and foibles.

c w swanson said...

These stories have been boiling closer and closer to the surface over the past few weeks. It will truly be interesting to see how much substance there are to them.

Anonymous said...

Probably too late to do much good at this point.

Dirk said...

Anonymous at 11:03 is probably right. Also, the media would have to actually cover the story...they've been pretty quiet about most of the wikileaks stuff.

Here's hoping, though. Maybe it's not too late for the media to stop being HRC's puppet.

Borepatch said...


The emails contain a validation code (cryptographic checksum) that shows authenticity. This is included as part of the email system, and so it is not feasible to forge emails. Well, you include some forged ones in with the rest, but they would stand out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...


Scott H said...

Not popcorn, not for this, not when, if they are correct, at least one patriot's blood has gone to fertilize the Tree of Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Here's another link with more links in the text.

Some of this blogger's other content could be considered distasteful, YOMV.

Keyser Soze said...

Steve Piecszenik (Or is that Jack Ryan?): - Clinton Takeover - Nov 1st, 2016 - Clinton Pedo Connection - Nov 1st, 2016

Is it one big Psy-ops by someone who hasn't been seen in over 20 years, or is he legit? Time will tell. I've been monitoring his website since the weekend and someone keeps taking it down...

JTwig said...

I keep hoping that there is some truth to this, but its nearly 4:00 PM (eastern) on Friday and not a word from the NYPD or FBI. I'm giving up...

Tirno said...

Well, either the FBI's going to do something soon, and/or Anonymous and Wikileaks are going to drop an impressive Nov 5th bomb... XOR this was a lot of malarkey designed to trigger on our confirmation bias.

I gotta have something more than 'sources at the NYPD have told us' to go on. I told everyone I knew about Fast and Furious and that had the ultimate effect of a bout of sharp flatulence near an open air fish market: some people were appalled but the funky fish market is still there.

Crucis said...

Ditto what NFO said. Wow!! I'm waiting for the perp walks to begin.

Rolf said...

November 5th is Guy Fawkes day. They'll be releasing then. Remember "V for Vendetta"? Yeah, that guy.
If the things posted are as nuclear as claimed, and the evidence the sort an 80 IQ welfare-dependent 90-year old can understand, then it CAN'T be covered up. The backlash against the media, the incumbent who might have known, Dems in general, cannot be contained. If they take down the internet, people will be using phones, going outside to talk with neighbors, etc. The died-in-the-wool dems might well stay home. The tea-partiers will be lit up like a Roman candle. It will be one for the ages.

The writers for "House of cards" will all quit, saying "I thought fiction had to be believable. We can't top that!"

Inconsiderate Bastard said...

I'll reserve judgement until I see the data.

Borepatch is correct - the checksum info will be critical RE: veracity.

As for "release date," it is late in the day and now we're into the weekend, but large splashes have been made at light speed before. I have a concern that our collective infatuation with early voting will prove to be a disasterous philosophy in the long run.
(Side note: the Constitution specifies "....first Tuesday after the first Monday..." Not being a Constitutional s̶h̶y̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ attorney, I'm unsure how "early voting" squares with that.)

The larger question remains: Does America want a President who will almost certainly wind up fairly quickly in impeachment proceedings and criminal trials?

(Which is an entirely self inflicted wound on the part of the American people - the fed dot gov budget is almost $4 trillion, and it influences the movement of at least a trillion more; with that much money sloshing around it's no surprise that those of low - or no - morals are attracted to play in it. As despicable, incompetent and corrupt as the Clinton clan is, what we're seeing is just the tip of the iceberg that became visible when the fog cleared; $250 million to Bill, Hillary and Chelsea is peanuts compared to the billions wasted daily, or used for leverage, in Washington.)

Anonymous said...

If it's true, show us. Prove it. If it isn't, just stop. Go away.