Monday, November 14, 2016

Walking on clear ice

This has to be the clearest ice I've ever seen!  It was apparently filmed in the mountains of Slovakia.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

A tip o' the hat to Daily Timewaster for spotting it first.



Old NFO said...

That's what you get when there are no plants and other things fouling the water...

Anonymous said...

No poles, no ropes or hand spikes. If the ice breaks, they're as good as dead.


Anonymous said...

So how deep is this lake?
It doesn't look very deep from the size of the rocks.
However it is hard to tell and there is a lot of noise coming from that ice.

Feather Blade said...


Will said...

Very shallow water at his feet. Maybe a foot, or two at most. Very thin ice, too! They know it's thin, that's why they are pussy-footing around, so they don't punch through. Very clear weather conditions, just cold, so there was no water and air disturbance to create any surface effects while it froze. Like a sheet of glass.