Friday, November 18, 2016

Oops . . .

Received via e-mail, original source unknown:

No s***, Sherlock!



Anonymous said...

That Bugatti is still running, and still competes in vintage hill climbs and races in England.

Bolts? The wheels on that car and most sports cars from the '20s thru the '60s are held on by a single nut at the end of the axle shaft that is tightened and removed with a hammer, hence the term 'knock-off wheel'.


Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to mention. The picture was taken at the Caerphilly hillclimb in 1924. Search for Cordon Bleu Bugatti images.


David Lang said...

I had a similar experience in te mid '90s, Pep Boys made a mistake working on my car and I had my right rear wheel/axle shaft come off on the freeway at ~70 and go bouncing down the road beside me.

It was an interesting experience.

Will said...

Retrieving lost wheels from vehicles, and remounting same, happened on a regular basis when I ran a tow truck for the CHP. Those might roll a quarter mile along the sound walls or dividers. Most times I was able to remount it by stealing a lug nut from each of the remaining wheels, along with ones that I collected for that purpose.
Sometimes it wasn't found, and I would just mount the spare tire, if they had one.

I've had occasion to lose a wheel from a motorbike. THAT tends to be memorable!