Saturday, November 26, 2016

Farewell, Shepherd Book

I was sad to learn that actor Ron Glass died yesterday.  I didn't know much about his life or work, but to me, he was an essential element of the TV series 'Firefly', in which he played Shepherd Book, a futuristic version of a pastor.  Being a (now-retired) pastor myself, I could empathize with many of his challenges.

Here's one of my favorite (very short) snippets from 'Firefly', in which Ron plays his character to perfection.

I may or may not have applied similar logic from time to time during my brief career as a prison chaplain . . . further deponent sayeth naught!

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Glass. Rest in peace.



Secesh said...

He was really great on Barney Miller and other shows.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear an American actor demonstrate that it's not only Brits who can enunciate their dialogue lines clearly.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I pray he is in the opposite of that special place in hell.
He certainly seemed to be a good man, and was a fine actor.



Anonymous said...

Of all the characters on Firefly, his was the one that I think wasnt well enough developed. I suspected that he had some, uh, history, that would have made a great expansion of the story. Perhaps he was an assassin who had "turned"?

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter;

Your prior poster was correct, if Firefly had gone on for another season or two, I think that Reverend Books was a former "inquisitor" and recanted to atone for his past sins. Firefly was never allowed to go to fruition. Although the movie "serenity" did help.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I mostly agree, although I've always disliked that line. The Bible does forbid murder, but not killing. Our Savior, when He came, told us, when struck by someone, to "turn the other cheek to him also": then again, he instructed the Disciples to sell their clothing, if necessary, to obtain funds to buy weapons. As your studies have surely shown you, there is no small amount of disagreement on the specifics. I'm pretty sure, though, that kneecaps would be OK in the Shepherd's situation.
Mr. Garibaldi, I've heard that graphic-novel extensions of the Firefly story have explored Book's past, & that he had been an Operative, as fearsome as they are. I like to think of him as a spiritual kinsman of Brother Cadfael, a man of war & the world who became a servant of God.
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed his acting in 'Barney Miller' and in Firefly. They listed his death as caused by 'Respitory Failure'. My Mom has fibrosis and it will likely kill her someday - not being able to catch your breath is scary !

Pinakeli said...

I thought he was absolutely great as the devil in "I of Newton" on the remake of Twilight Zone. 8 minutes long and available on youtube.

Rolf said...

I liked him and his character, too. It was clear they had something special planned for his background if they could get to it. I always liked the speclial level of hell scene.