Monday, July 10, 2017

Sexist? Sure. Funny? Oh, hell, yes!

Received via e-mail over the weekend:  the difference between German and Italian technology.



one_of_many said...

Except...that German example is a Jeep Grand American...or even Italian in a way... (Fiat-Chrysler America)

Bruce said...

The vehicle is superfluous.

Anonymous said...

I've said this for years about the way different nationalities engineer cars. Let's say you have two parts that move against each other.

Americans: Make one part of very good steel, the other of inferior (cheap) steel, but make it easy to replace, to every 25K miles you have a $600 repair.

Japanese: Make both parts of very good steel, so they last 100K miles but then you have a $3,500 repair.

German: Same function is performed with 17 parts, in a mix of steel, plastic, titanium and unobtainium, none of which are available separately.

British: The parts will never wear out because the car won't start when it's raining.

Italian: Screw it, paint the car red and put a beautiful woman in the passenger seat.

Mark D

Miguel GFZ said...

Fiat Uno. Wife used to have one but I'll be damned if I show her this video.
I like breathing.

Jim said...

My wife is 2nd generation Italian and I won't try that with her.

Roy said...

There is a common myth that the Germans are the world's premier engineers.

I have worked for a German technology company for over 32 years. Trust me. It is indeed a myth.