Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Also found on Gab today:

I'd better warn Lawdog.  His house pests may shoot back in future.



Old NFO said...

Too funny!

Sam L. said...

MOST amused, am I!

waepnedmann said...

I too am afflicted by tree-rats.
This year they stripped the nectarines and started on the peaches as they ripened.
Wifmann insisted on termination with extreme prejudice. She also muttered something about "buckwheats."
I have found CCI Quiet .22s very useful. They are quieter than my Sheridan air rifle with a longer range.
Shot placement is everything.
Oh, I found two boxes of the segmented variety and they would not feed properly.
One local guy has 165 six year-old peach trees. He told me the tree-rats got every peach.

Bob Gibson said...

The Crosman 1377 pellet pistol would probably be more their speed, though it would likely take two of the little buggers to work the pump action.

a bear said...

Huh, we’ve found the target demographic for the 2.7mm Kolibri.