Monday, September 13, 2021

A fair election tomorrow in California? Dream on...


There are more and more signs that "the fix is in" in California.  From a felon being found unconscious with hundreds of recall ballots in his possession, to massive propaganda campaigns from the mainstream media against the opposition recall candidates, it's becoming clear that if Governor Newsom is recalled, it will only be because a truly massive turnout managed to beat the "margin of cheat".

The latest news is that in a Republican stronghold, voters are being told that they've already voted - even when they haven't.

Some San Fernando Valley voters think they are being wrongly prevented from casting a ballot in the upcoming gubernatorial recall election.

At El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, some voters say they were told the computers showed them as already having voted, even though they had not.

West Hills resident Estelle Bender, 88, said she was far from the only person who was being told incorrectly that they had already voted.

In addition to friends of hers who experienced the issue and two other women outside the polling place, Bender said that inside, “the man next to me was arguing the same thing.”

Bender said she filled out a provisional ballot and “left really angry.”

Bender added that, to her knowledge, many of those affected by this issue are self-identified Republicans, and she’s suspicious.

“I’d still like to know how I voted,” Bender said.

There's more at the link.

The problem is, if those affected don't shout and scream and make a fuss, and keep on doing so until they get answers, this will go on happening.  Those in power in California know they can get away with it, because nobody will be held accountable.  That's why they keep doing it.  How many of those who aren't trying to vote early will find out on election day - probably too late to complain or fix it - that they've already voted, whether they knew it or not?

Understand, too, that the Democratic Party dare not lose the governorship of California.  Larry Elder, leading in the polls to replace Newsom, has already announced that if a vacancy occurs in the US Senate, he'll appoint a Republican to fill it - which would destroy the Democrats' fragile single-casting-ballot advantage in that body, and derail their legislative agenda.  Whatever happens, they absolutely cannot afford that.  With stakes that high, I expect they'll do anything at all - legal or illegal - to eliminate that risk.

I said some weeks ago:

If, after all that legislative and electoral jiggery-pokery, Gov. Newsom doesn't win the recall election, it can only be because he and the Democratic Party don't want to win it.  Their preparations for cheating are so in-your-face as to be laughable . . . and they don't care that we know it and can see it.

I've seen nothing to make me change that opinion.

I'm still astonished that so many people expect to reverse the stolen November 2020 elections in November 2022.  Don't you believe it.  The electoral fraud and manipulation last November was so vast, so immense, that it swamped an electoral tidal wave for President Trump.  All the mechanisms that worked so well then are still in place;  and, if the so-called "For The People Act" becomes law, they'll become entrenched forever.  The Act is a recipe for ongoing electoral fraud of such magnitude that free and fair elections will be a thing of the past in the USA.  Note, too, that the White House has just extended for another year the "National Emergency to Avoid Foreign Interference in Our Elections" - the same bureaucratic authorization that was used to help steal the last election.  Even if the "For The People Act" does not become law, all the steps are in place on a national level to repeat November 2020's shenanigans all over again.

Given the ongoing and very steady public opinion polls in California showing him trailing badly, if Governor Newsom wins the recall election, I think it'll be the clearest possible sign that the November 2022 elections will be equally fraudulent.  (Frankly, I expect this.  That's why I've been saying for months in these pages, "TINVOWOOT" - There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This.  I truly hope and pray that I'm wrong.  I guess we'll find out this week.)

A Newsom win will effectively eliminate the ballot box as one of the "Four Boxes of Liberty" concept.  Given that the soap box (free speech) is effectively dead (at least as far as our censorious mainstream news and social media organs are concerned), and the jury box (our legal system) is severely restricted and impaired (thanks to activist District Attorneys and a biased, partisan Justice Department), that leaves only one box available.

I'm hoping and praying it doesn't come to that, because once that box is opened, events will take on a life of their own, and there'll be no turning back.  I've seen that too often in other countries, and learned it the hard way.  Once that box is unsealed - once the Gates of Janus are opened - all the other boxes are closed, and they'll stay that way until, when all the shouting and tumult is done, someone closes the ammo box again.  That very seldom happens without bloodshed.



Divemedic said...

We have already had our last free election in this country.

John in Indy said...

And that one was probably Reagans' election.
In 2016, the Dems thought that they had stolen enough, believing their crooked polling, but were wrong. 2020 was them being sure they had stolen it hard enough, not caring who saw them do it.
John in Indy

Murder Kitten said...

I frankly expect that we won't make it to November 2022 before things go hot. People are too angry, and the Dems are pushing too hard. I suspect they want it to go hot and think they're in a position to win.

Unknown said...

I keep reading articles talking about how the GOP will retake the house and Senate in 2022, especially from people and groups who want me to donate to them.
First of all, there is very little difference between the two factions of the Uniparty, even at the local level, much less at the national or even state level.
Second, I am convinced that after the 2022 "election", the House will be 435 Democrats, and every Republican up for re-election in the Senate will be replaced by a Dem.
Even at the local level, I no longer see any point in voting, and I plan on sitting out the elections from now on.

LindaG said...

The election being stolen in California is no surprise. They did it for the most important office in our country and got away with it. I can see a time when there won't be an election at all. I've been waiting for the military in the streets of America.

Aesop said...

The 2020 steal was first rolled out in heavily Republican Orange County CA in 2016, where they stole all seven congressional seats without a peep from the RINO Party, before, during, or afterwards.

The machine was too busy working on swing states in 2020, so a couple of those OC House seats swung back this last time, by a whisker.

With the entire focus on this state, I expect Gabbin Nuisance to prevail, after winning with somewhere between 140% and 217% of all registered voters.

(Because, like with cockroaches, if you catch one douchebag with 5000 blank ballots two months before the election, that means there are 99 more you didn't see.)

If that outcome leads to open shooting war, here or anywhere, it can't begin too soon.

Hightecrebel said...

Less than a week ago I thought the earliest that box would be opened was late spring, but now I doubt we'll make it to New Year's.

1 said...
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1 said...

LMAO! You all bitch and complain about 9/11 conspiracy nutjobs, and the turn around and buy into the conspiracy theory nutjobs who think the 2020 election was stolen. I've been waiting years for the last book in the Laredo series, glad I found out just how crazy you are before wasting more money.

Aesop said...

Good point.

How silly of us to notice the sudden spike in Democrat votes at 2 AM, after counting was suspended in five key swing states simultaneously, once the Republican poll watchers were removed, and how that magically swung the election from a guy who was filling stadiums to overflowing to a guy who couldn't fill the meeting rooms at rural Denny's restaurants.

Nothing to see here.

Go back to Democrat Underground and tell them you accomplished your mission.

Divemedic said...

And even if he is wrong about the election, what does that have to do with whether or not you enjoy and read hos books? You cancel culture nutjobs are real assholes. I'm sure he will miss the one book you didn't buy.

JG said...

I believe if Newsom cheats his way to win and that is likely. California will show 2022 voting is bogus and we will head to CW2 by the election of 2022. CW2 unlike CW1 does not have distinct division of states and the country will break up as cities see more of ANTIFA/BLM but on a wide scale from more groups. Politicians, judges, police, academia, MSM, and the military cannot keep control of a pissed off population.

Dad said...

Dude, Newsom won in 2018 by 24 points. Biden won California by almost 30 points. They had a $76 billion budget surplus in 2020. Almost 50% of registered California voters are Democrats. A Republican hasn't held statewide office in California for 15 years. Newsom outspent the rest of the field put together four to one. Cheating is not necessary. What planet do you people live on?

Peter said...

@Dad: Have you not been following the opinion polls in California - all of them, from left- and right-wing sources - over the past two months?

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Aesop speaking the truth. I read that story where orange county a 50/50 blue red forever went 100 percent blue in one election. 2020 some states we were highly red like New Hampshire except for bidet and/or the top job in that state. "Dad" is a moron troll save your breath.
Pretty sure the governor race in Kentucky the last two times same thing.

Well shit, Carlin was right buy I as an American could not bring myself to follow his lead till now. However I am voting democrat to kick those sorry as rino's out on the street.

Dad said...

I have. And it was No +10 until the start of August it narrowed for about 10 days. Then it became clear Larry Elder was the favoured candidate. Pro lifer. Climate change denier. It would be like the DNC running AOC in Mississippi. With Larry Elder to dance with, Newsom could have spent the entire campaign drinking negronis at The French Laundry and still walked away with it. Of course, he was also able to outspend everyone else 4-1 thanks to the absolute mountain of unrestricted money he got from Reed Hastings, Priscilla Chan and others. Thanks GOP, this farce cost the state of California almost $300MM. First order of business is to get rid of the California recall mechanism. It's a joke. And so is the idea that this election will be somehow stolen. PS - Quick question, if you had the ability steal a statewide election, don't you think it would be well within your capabilities to rig a poll or two?

Dad said...

@Bear Claw - Wait, I'm a troll? For pointing out California is a Democratic stronghold? Whatever you say. PS - OC went for Clinton in 2016 as well. And as far as NH goes, Ds took the Senate and House of Representatives races there as well. Which, I suppose were fixed right? But then, if you're going to fix elections, why not fix all of them and take the NH senate and EC as well?

Sam L. said...

As I keep saying, I consider the GOP to be the "GO Along to GET Along with the Dems" Party. I trust them NOT.

Aesop said...


Evidently you missed the serial stories of people showing up to vote, and told they already had.

Or the dude the cops caught who had 5000 blank ballots in his car, two months ago.

Or the fact that even Dumbocrats in this state hate Gabbin' Nuisance, and at best, plan on staying home on election day, which is why the recall is even a thing.

You don't get every swinging Richard in the DNC nationwide to come to campaign for Pelosi's incompetent nephew if he's really ahead by 30 points. Ergo, he's not, and even left-wing hardcore rags have been warning him of that reality for three months going.

But he will be by 2AM tonight, after the ballot dump.

Go back to your sportsball and beer, you're so far out of the loop on this you didn't know there was one.

Divemedic said...

I agree with Dad. Having a Republican win in California is an extreme long shot. It doesn't take much heating for this one.

Dad said...


OK. Just like 2020, there's no fraud here. The dude was found with 300 ballots, not 5000. Or roughly .00075% of the votes you would need to win this election. Which is... a start I guess? And the "serial" already voted stories are one story - that of 88 year old Estelle Bender - amplified all over the crazy sphere. My Trump loving brother sent me the Breitbart version. He also believes Hillary Clinton runs a child sex ring out of the basement of a DC pizza parlour. This man has procreated sadly. In any case, the polling swing which you your little club here seems to be pointing to as "evidence" of the need for a Democrat to cheat to retain statewide office in California was the result of a single poll in early August getting their methodology wrong. I honestly can't be asked to waste anymore breath on this as I have a sportball match to attend (followed by beer and 2 AM ballot dumping - shhh don't tell anyone teehee!), but if you want to pull your collective heads out of the QAnon message boards you can't seem to tell from your asses, you can read about it here:

Divemedic said...

Now you are a bit off base. There is copious amounts of evidence that there were irregularities in the 2020 election. I don't want to rehash them here, because we have all seen them.
However, no one can say that the evidence isn't there, unless they are partisan fanboys.
I will grant you that the evidence that IS there may not be proof that the election was stolen. Then again, it might be. Either way, it needed to be investigated. It won't be.

Dad said...


You know who says the evidence isn't there? Bill Barr, pretty much every court in the country the kraken lawyers walked into and thousands of elections officials across the country on both sides of the aisle.

TCK said...

Democrats, tyrants, subhuman monsters, and people with OL handles titled 'Dad' are grotesque filth who go well with tires and gasoline.

In other breaking news, water is wet and the sky is blue.

Divemedic said...

Dad: Not one court in any case involving the election ever got to the evidentiary phase of the trial. They all were disposed of on technical or procedural grounds.

I won't allow myself to be gaslighted by some left wing NPC. I know what I saw.

Dad said...

@TCK - Summary necklacing doesn't appear to be consistent with the platform of the party of law and order - to say nothing of family values! I mean, I'm a dad! But you seem nice.

@divemedic These suits were not at all dismissed on "technical or procedural grounds". They were, for the most part, dismissed because the affidavits on which they were based were not vetted for veracity. Nor was it even clear in many cases whether the actions alleged therein were in fact state law violations. There are tons of places to read about that - and why Powell and Wood and the rest of the Kraken lawyers are facing serious sanctions, fines and disbarment in multiple states - but it can be summed up like this: You can make up whatever you want on cable news and be protected by 1A. Don't try it in front of a judge though.

Can I ask you a question? On a scale of 1-10, how convinced are you that the 2020 election was stolen?