Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Claire Wolfe points out the road ahead for defenders of freedom


The inimitable Claire Wolfe, who's been an inspiration to what she terms "freedomistas" for decades, has just produced a couple of articles on "Dealing with our new totalitarian reality" that are worth reading.  These links will take you to Part 1 and Part 2.

Here's an excerpt from the second article to whet your appetite.

Virtually every traditional institution has lost all credibility. No one of good sense trusts any any official or any piece of information they can’t verify for themselves.

In other words, if ever a regime was ready to prolapse into an oozing lump of rotted illusions, it’s this one.

However ... this system — partially “private” and partly Deep State (but can you tell the difference?) — may have the capability to outlast the depraved class that built it.

. . .

In the meantime we have two jobs to do. Just two: live with the new totalitarianism and plan to outlive it.

Live with does not mean tolerate. Outlive doesn’t mean to wait passively until it dies on its own. On the contrary.

No, we do not have to tolerate the intolerable. Our job of living with the new totalitarian reality doesn’t mean accepting it on its own terms. It means first acknowledging reality, evaluating our position, then taking positive steps to go around, through, over, or under the obstacles in our path. In totalitarianism, obstacles are many.

. . .

Living with totalitarianism does not mean going along to get along — except in the case of the Freedom Outlaw Mole, whose role of reporting and sabotaging from within becomes more important than ever as evil tightens its grip.

Under totalitarianism — with all its dangers even for the most mild dissenters — we deplorables will each make our own decisions about how visible we’re willing to be. Already some formerly public noisemakers have opted to slip away into silence while others redouble their public rages against the machine.

But even if we we choose to appear to be good, obedient members of the proletariat, we will not ever stop routing our way around or through a system that is bad to its tubercular bones.

Our second job — outliving a rotten system — also does not imply passivity. It means we do all we can to ensure our own healthy survival while hastening the ancien regime’s inevitable downfall.

. . .

Totalitarianisms are inherently flawed. Whatever the differences between them (and remember, that every totalitarianism looks different), they’re all based on the laughable belief that a tiny, out-of-touch elite and their minions can understand and completely control a nation or the world ... But in the end, control by an elite is simply impossible — and that goes double for an elite like ours, which is already in a state of decrepitude and decomposition.

What they’re doing now looks like an exercise of power, but it’s really desperation. They will stop at nothing because nothing — the abyss — awaits them when the billions realize they’ve been had.

But they will stop. Because one day they are finally so weakened that even their most ardent partisans won’t (or can’t) stand for them any more. At that point … doom. Their doom.

. . .

... take comfort that, contra Biden and Swalwell, the mighty United States government and its entire Deep State apparatus was just trounced in Afghanistan not by F15s and nuclear weapons, but by tribal goat herders.

. . .

Be flexible, be fast, be ready to spot opportunity, even if it comes in a form you never anticipated. And oh please try not to be stupid. Let all the stupidity be on their side.

There's much more at the link.  Highly recommended reading.

Ms. Wolfe offers a number of very practical suggestions in the article that we can implement as part of our personal resistance to centralized government tyranny, bureaucracy and control.  (Her books also offer useful - and frequently amusing - advice.)  I suggest we read her work for ourselves, select steps we can personally take in our own circumstances, and implement them.  There's no time like the present to start!



Aesop said...

Or shoot them in the face when opportunity presents, and grease the handrails and give them a push when no one's looking.

Then run to the bottom to help Leviathan up.
With a claw hammer.

I'm not waiting 80 years for this communist juggernaut to run out of gas.

I'm thinking more like days and weeks, not years.

Old NFO said...

I will honestly be surprised if we make it through the rest of the year without 'issues'...

Aesop said...

I concur.
Lack of open shooting by New Year's would, to me, constitute a minor miracle.

Much as I love peace and quiet, I'm getting antsy just wishing it would start already.

Quicker in, and quicker out. Hang the traitors, and get back down to business.

And since the other side seems to want exactly the same thing, it would be rude to delay the showdown they think their gratification.

How it actually works out is beyond anyone's mere power.

But I eagerly await them finding out that they're not only about 40 states short of a consensus, but also a few fries short of a Happy Meal. And about to undertake face-to-face discussions with the Almighty.

Greybeard said...

Agreed with all.
But, this will be nasty, nasty, nasty.
At 74 I'm glad I've had a nice life fighting stupidity to the degree I can.
But I mourn the life my 40-ish son must face.
I will eliminate as many of the bastards as I can for him.

Mike Austin said...

“Totalitarianisms are inherently flawed.”

And what form of government is not? Nothing new here.

“...they’re all based on the laughable belief that a tiny, out-of-touch elite and their minions can understand and completely control a nation or the world ... But in the end, control by an elite is simply impossible…”

Oh really? Six thousand years of Asian history laugh at you.

The most common form of government since Sumer has been tyranny. Occasional outbreaks of Liberty occurred: Athens 500 BC – 338 BC; the Roman Republic 509 BC – 30 BC---but by and large the masses of all men have been born, raised and died under tyranny.

I offer no solution to our present condition---at least, none that I would commit to writing.

My advice? Buy guns. Buy ammo. Store food and water. Teach your children well. The Four Horsemen are heading our way. They are not smiling.

Steve said...

Had a very stressful day my question is from the bowels.....Why should we care about what this person wrote. I mean actually why should we care what ANYONE writes about the satanic demoncrats and their spawns. I mean NOTHING has magically gotten better even with the gallons of ink spilled.
Sorry for the sour.....just tired of having tomes from years ago pointing out the obvious downward spiral of MY country.....and we still didn't heed those warnings.
The only way to stymie this slide to hades; is for the elimination of this years crop of evil ones.
Sorry again for the scree; I will hie myself to bed to rest my tortured soul.

Hightecrebel said...

I doubt this shit is going hot before next spring/summer. They're not going to move hard until they realize stealing next Nov isn't going to go as easily for them, and nobody on our side is going to flip the switch until they absolutely have to.

Mike Austin said...

I'm with Aesop

Dear Steve: Why should you care about "gallons of ink spilled?" No particular reason, but I do note that what really riled up the colonists was a whole lot of ink spilled by Thomas Paine in his "Common Sense" and "The Crisis". After reading these pamphlets, Washington and his boys began to put bayonets into British bellies.

I don't read you as sour at all. We are on the same page. You are not alone.

Dear Hightecrebel: Agreed. Just waiting for our Lexington and Concord.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"In the meantime we have two jobs to do. Just two: live with the new totalitarianism and plan to outlive it."

Gee, how shocking - it never became time to shoot the bastards. But then again, ""America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to just pack it in and try to live with the new totalitarianism and plan to outlive it." doesn't really make for a memorable quote.

Mike Austin said...
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Mike Austin said...

" with the new totalitarianism and plan to outlive it."

Nope. Such advice could have been given to Stalin's Kulaks and the Jews of Nazi Germany. How did that work out for them?

Such passivity in the face of a Godless tyranny reveals the mindset of a slave.

Aesop said...


No worries. "Plan to outlive it" includes active means.
If A shoots B in the face, A has "outlived" B, no?


I plan to outlive as many of the m-----------s as I can get my sights centered upon.