Thursday, September 23, 2021

Rum infused with the world's hottest pepper. What could possibly go wrong?


The Hot Dang Show is a Web site and YouTube channel dedicated to all things hot and spicy - particularly those requiring a modicum of insanity to try.  (Side note:  the host is deaf and suffers from a speech impediment, so he sounds "different", but is still understandable.)

Recently, the host decided to try something new:  "overproof rum infused for three months with Carolina Reapers".  It's called "The World's Hottest Shot", and comes with a warning:  "Do not consume if you have heart, respiratory or digestive conditions or any other serious illness".

If the video below is to be believed, I'd say it lives up to its name and the warning!  The action begins at about the four-minute mark, if you want to skip the introduction.

Note to self:  never, ever buy that stuff except as a gift for enemies, and those whom you want to become your enemies!



Birdchaser said...

I grow Carolina Reapers every year to make vinegar sauce for the pepper heads in my family. It's absolutely too hot for me.

Redneck said...

Make a sauce that tastes good with whatever else you want to put in and just use a smaller amount of reaper to make it spicy to your taste.

Overload in Colorado said...

As with super high proof alcohol and super hot sauces, I wonder how this would be as a mixer? Rum and coke with this?

SciFiJim said...

My scalp started sweating in sympathetic conditioned reflex.

I like spicy things, but that is just one more thing to avoid.

Randy in Arizona said...

45 Millilitres = 1.52 Fluid ounces
Price: 15 Pounds = $20.50 (+ shipping?)
126 Proof