Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The California recall election: what did I tell you?


I warned last Monday that yesterday's California gubernatorial recall election would probably not be free or fair.  Considering the lopsided result in Governor Newsom's favor in the light of opinion polls across the political spectrum over recent months that showed him in deep disfavor, I'd say my forecast was spot on.  Nobody in his right mind can believe that so dramatic a "swing" in voter sentiment was real.

There were those who thought I was nuts to expect electoral fraud on that scale, as comments to that previous article showed.  There are a lot of people out there who seem to believe that last November's election was free and fair as well.  I'll let American Thinker answer them.

If you or someone you know is still totally satisfied with the result of the 2020 presidential election (and may in fact believe it to have been the "most secure in American history"), it may finally be time to ask — and answer honestly — three "What if" questions:

1. WHAT IF on Election Night 2020 you went to bed at 11 P.M. and Joe Biden was comfortably ahead of Donald Trump in the polls across the country?  And you knew that when you woke up the next morning that Joe Biden would be the president-elect, to be sworn into office on January 20, 2021.  But what would you have thought when you turned on the TV the very next morning and learned that ballot-counting in six swing states had stopped completely?

Would you have found that odd?  And would you have expected the media to also find that odd?

2. And WHAT IF over the next three days, the counting of ballots resumed, and every hour, more votes kept streaming in from who-knows-where in each of those swing states?  And an unprecedented percentage of those votes were for Donald Trump?

Would you have found that odd?  And would you have expected the media to also find that odd?

3. And then, WHAT IF, once the New York Times declared Donald Trump the victor over Joe Biden, you questioned the results because you found the whole event downright odd?

Would you have expected the media to call you a "conspiracy theorist" and claim that there was "no evidence of fraud" and that you should shut up and go away because Donald Trump won the election fair and square?


Before we move on to believe in fair and honest elections in states across the nation, maybe it's high time everyone in America honestly answered the questions posed with these three "What If" scenarios.

I couldn't agree more.  The evidence of electoral fraud in last November's elections is overwhelming.  I covered it in detail at the time, including (but not limited to) these articles:

Electoral fraud becomes more obvious almost by the hour

And the evidence keeps mounting...

About electoral fraud in Pennsylvania...

Sadly, the powers that be ensured (using procedural and other means) that allegations of electoral fraud were never adequately tested in court.  The result is that the fraud succeeded, and we now have an illegitimate, fraudulent Administration in office.

On the balance of probabilities, and the way in which the Democrat-controlled legislature in California changed the rules and regulations governing such elections as soon as it looked likely to occur, and voters finding out that "they'd already voted" when in fact they hadn't, and the "ballot harvesting" that's entirely legal in California (although regarded as a dangerous avenue for electoral fraud in almost the entire rest of the world) . . . yeah.  I don't believe the announced results of yesterday's election in California for a skinny minute.  American Thinker feels likewise:  "California: A legit recall result, yes, but plenty of evidence of fraud".

Those of you who think that our vote in November 2022, or 2024, or whenever, will be fully free and fair, are living in cloud cuckoo land.  The fraudulent masters of our body politic are going to make sure, by hook or (mostly) by crook, that they remain in power.  Getting them out of power, and restoring free and fair elections, is going to take a lot more than just the ballot box.



Paul said...

We no longer live in the USA. That country was a Republic. What we are in now is at best a Banana Democracy. those 80 million that Biden is after will eventually get mad. Then we will be in a free for all.

I do not see this ending well. Phil over at BustedKnuckls had a video up where that guy thought the wheels would truly come off around October. We shall see.

jen said...

Peter, could you post a link to the excerpt above? Their table of contents is enormous. Thsnks, Jen

Peter said...

@jen: Link added. Sorry - I should have included it.

Paul M said...

EVERY single suspect election goes to the Democrats, not a one the other way. But there's no fraud?? Uh huh. Funny how when their candidate is "winning" how quickly the votes get tallied. Assuming Newsome comes out on top, Californian's deserve to reap the malevolent benefit of keeping this cretin around.

Rick T said...

I live in CA. I dropped my ballot in an official collection box Sunday. The county tracking site says it has not been received yet.

Time to accelerate our departure to Arizona.

Peteforester said...

Did anyone actually think that Aunt Nancy was going to let her nephew fall to a BLACK REPUBLICAN???

The outcome of the recall "election" was a foregone conclusion. What we should be pointing out to our Left-Wing friends is that Biden and Kameltoe were able to get out to CA on a moment's notice to "rally" for CA's faggot king, but haven't been able to get to the border and close the gates since Inauguration Day.

Sam L. said...

Say what you will about the ballot box. I'm seeing the bullet box in the offing...

Sam L. said...

I forgot to mention that I'm a pessimist, but I'm sure you figured that out.

Thomas W said...

Prior to both the 2016 and 2020 elections Donald Trump was trailing in the polls. Yet you're perfectly happy to say Trump won regardless of poll numbers. So why is it fraud if Newsom wins even if polls indicate something else?

I'm becoming really worried with people who insist that there's widespread fraud because the election didn't go their way.

Professor Badness said...

Thomas W, if you're dumb enough to believe the polls, then you deserve what you get.

Beans said...

Thomas, yes, the democratic-owned pollsters were reporting Trump as lacking in the polls. But overwhelming evidence suggested that Trump was far more popular.

Little things, like his campaign signs appearing overwhelmingly in even democratic strongholds.

Him showing up at rallies where there were 20-30-50K people in and around, and him doing that 2-3 times daily, when his opponents got numbers in the 100s (Clinton) and in the 10s (Biden) and that only every 3rd day or so.

Like overwhelming support from historically Democrat groups, like minorities and unions.

The pollsters were wrong because they were trying to select a president, not actually report truth.

Same thing with the recall election. Overwhelming evidence exists that public opinion was highly against Newsom, and that Harris and Biden siding with him actually hurt Newsom.

And the bumper sticker count was overwhelmingly against Newsom.

The bumper-sticker count is one of the most telling of visual polls. Look to the number of a candidate's bumper sticker or car signs that exist. That's who is going to win the area.

Like, in my area, an overwhelmingly known leftist area, there were NO Biden bumper stickers or car signs in the last election. NONE. Cars with leftist slogans on them were either not sporting any candidate's signs or had Trump stickers. And Trump stickers showed up on people's cars that normally wouldn't put a sticker on a car. (My old joke - how can you tell a democrat from a republican by their car? The democrat's car has bumper stickers splattered all over it, the republican's car has resale value (due to not having stickers splattered all over it.) In the 2020 election, lots and lots of non-stickered cars were sporting Trump stickers, even on the local socialist university (where even Biden stickers were noticeably absent.)

Knowledgeable people don't go by the polls in the news, they go by the feel in the air, by the observable evidence.

And the observable evidence is that Newsom was a goner.

Other evidence is the gleeful way the newsies reported the 'victory.' Would they have done so if he lost? And if Larry Elder won? (The same newsies who didn't report that a leftist in a gorilla mask threw eggs at Larry Elder?) Hmmmm...

Gator McCluskey said...

There were a wee bit more issues regarding the 2020 election besides the polls, there's even links to some of them on this very page! yet you ignored all of that and chose to obfuscate the issue by making it about polls. Why did you do that, Thomas?

Will said...

THe documents say it will take about a week for mail-in and dropbox voting to be counted, after the polls close. The poll workers last night were complaining that it was going to take two people to lift the final dropoff bag off the table, as it was stuffed to the limit. (They had a motorcycle cable lock securing that bag to the table.) Long line at the library at 7:30 last night.
So, they have already counted all of that?

Dad29 said...

Elder's Libertarianism was a turn-off to both Hispanics and genuine Conservatives. Remember, Elder was perfectly OK with trans-whatevers in girls' locker rooms.

The Democrats made Elder the issue, of course.

Was there lots of fraud, too? No doubt.

Dad said...

This is insane.
When you guys tell each other there is all this proof of election fraud, do you really believe that? It's bizarre. This is a statewide election in California. In order to oust Gray Davis, the GOP had to enlist the most popular movie star in the entire world and allow him to run as a Clinton Democrat. You honestly think Larry Elder, or anyone else with an R next to their name, had a chance?

The polling tightened in August because of a single polling error. This was no +20 since it began. You guys are nuts.

7916 said...

Keep on vooting harder. I'm sure it will work next time.

Joseph said...

Point #1 was pretty much what I saw, except it was Trump in the lead and Biden trailing...until morning. It will come out,eventually...someone denied a promotion, jilted relationship, a personal vendetta...someone is eventually going to open the box.

tsquared said...

I guess the counters were trained by the Georgia election officials. I have seen votes disappear like that during the last Georgia election. Time to execute polling officials.

Unknown said...

As I post this, Real Clear Politics is reporting that 72% of the ballots have been counted (how they know this when ballots can continue to arrive to be counted if they have a postmark showing before midnight last night is a good question) and the vote counts are such that it's right on the margin if it's mathamtically possible for the recall to happen or not (not at all probable, just possible)

I dropped off my ballot tuesday afternoon. Just going by the percentage of people in line who were not masked, I would guess that the trend was towards the recall, so it will not be surprising to see the count narrow over time as later votes get counted.

we will see if there are any anti-recall 'ballot drops' to 'fortify' the election

David Lang

Jimmy the Saint said...

Enh, they probably didn't even need the shenanigans that they pulled. Once Elder became the leading challenger, that was it for the recall. He was pretty much reggae band at a Klan rally in terms of broad appeal.