Tuesday, May 2, 2023

An interesting perspective on drag queens


Regular readers will know that I have no sympathy, time or compassion for the so-called "drag queens" who are trying to corrupt, pollute, warp and twist our kids with their so-called "story hours".  I have a simple solution to their presence.  Granted, it would be illegal to employ it, but I don't think it's immoral.

However . . .

Big Country Expat has some interesting thoughts on the original drag queen phenomenon, and how it was very different to what we're seeing today.  He quotes a friend of his who was an "old school" drag queen, who is utterly repelled by what it's become today.

Granted, gay guy ... he told me "BC, it's bad enough that you have the crazy right wing haters out there who don't understand (due to a lack of education) but that the Left-Wing ******* Crazies have taken over, and are using OUR art to push a sick, divisive agenda that is going to hurt children.  That is not what drag is about, and if I was performing, in a bar? and saw a kid?  I'd refuse to perform... Drag isn't supposed to be for kids! (bold mine).  They're threatening me BECAUSE I refuse to bow to them and their plan..."

There's much more at the link.  For a different perspective, I recommend clicking over there and reading it in full.  I still won't have anything to do with that "scene", but I'll concede that some drag queens appear to be somewhat more civilized (and less vicious, nasty and brutish) than others.



Divemedic said...

I have heard the same thing from gay men who also dress in drag. One gay man that I used to work with has a child and grandchildren. He and his partner have been together for over 20 years, and neither have any interest in parading around in front of children.

I do believe that there is something to the claim that pedos have taken over the "gay" movement so that they can have better access to their intended targets.

While I have no interest in their proclivities, I would be willing to leave the trannies, gays, and lesbians to their kink, as long as they weren't forcing it on others. Don't make me play along with your delusion, and don't force it on kids. Do that, and we will get along reasonably well.

Maniac said...

I highly doubt that EVERY drag performer or every gay person wants to molest children. But as the subject states, drag isn't for kids, pure and simple.

If you look at some of the videos of these drag gatherings, it's almost always women who are bringing their poor, unsuspecting kids to them. Just another in a long list of why single mothers are so dangerous.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

1970's the local chapter president of the Dorian Society was an acquaintance. He once was called by an arrested child molester seeking help. His response was, "I would like to help you with a short rope and a tall tree but I will give you the name of an attorney who takes your kind of clients".

Most homosexuals, of both sexes, I know loath child molesters as much as me.

Anonymous said...

You fools....it's ALWAYS been about accessing kids.
The pervs played the long game by using the "stable" funny "gay next door" as the foot across the threshold.
You are silent accomplices.

Anonymous said...

The game plan has always been & proven to be ; tolerance, acceptance & finally participation. Would that we could have a 'reasonable' detente but it just isn't ever going to happen. I feel like Patton (Geoge C. Scott) in the beginning of the movie when the German plane straffed the buildings & street George Scott

Mauser said...

I'm more partial to calling them "Sex Clowns" these days.

Anyone who said that "Drag Queen Story Hour" was just the camel's nose under the tent was 100% right, because somehow that has evolved into teaching toddlers strip club etiquette.