Wednesday, May 24, 2023

True dat


Gab user Rich Shappard posts this image:

Based on many years' experience as a pastor and chaplain, allow me to assure you, that's very, very true.

I'd guesstimate that of the sexual predators and child molesters I encountered in prison, well over half - perhaps as many as four-fifths - had been molested or abused as children themselves.  It permanently warped and twisted them, so they were never able to break free of those early bonds of evil that had been laid upon them.  It's all very well to say that free will is involved, that they could always have refused to follow such inclinations by strength of will . . . but sadly, it's not that easy.  Such psychological damage can and does cripple many people, making it impossible for them to turn away from what has been done to them.  Many people don't realize this.

That's why I've said all along that there is no cure for pedophilia, and no cure for similar sexual predators.  It's simply not possible.  There are only three possibilities in my experience:

  1. For those with the strength of will to do so, they have to stay away from vulnerable people so that they don't put themselves in temptation's path.  This is, of course, not always possible, so there are times that only their own strength of will will help.  If they have it, great.  If they don't . . . not so much.
  2. Those who can marry happily, and find a partner that will accept them and their psychological burdens and work with them to help them adjust, may find the peace of mind needed to overcome their past.  That doesn't often happen, and it takes a very special kind of partner.  Sadly, it's been my experience that "damaged" people (i.e. the victims of pedophilia, etc.) often find each other and form partnerships where their mutual damage translates into mutual predation upon others.
  3. Those who don't fall into either group above are often beyond worldly help.  Even psychologists and psychiatrists, although they can explain their conduct to them and help them to understand it, can't provide the inner motivation to make them want to change.  We pastors and chaplains face a similar problem;  we can talk about Divine grace until we're blue in the face, but unless the person is willing to make a serious, life-changing commitment to seek and use that grace, our words won't get them anywhere.  For such people, all too often, the only "treatment" possible is incarceration, to keep them away from their potential victims;  and even that isn't a perfect solution, because sooner or later they're going to be released from prison, and many of them won't be able to stop themselves reverting to pattern.
It's a tragic situation for their victims, and in some ways equally tragic for the perpetrators.

It's facile to say "just shoot them".  There are, and will be, too many others to take their place.  We can't kill our way out of this problem.  It takes parents who are actively involved in raising their children, who establish bonds of trust with them and encourage them to tell them about any encounters with this sort of thing, who can help them avoid the worst of the problem.  Today, we do our kids a disservice if we don't educate them about the risks involved, and what to do about them.

We can also make sure that they aren't exposed to "grooming" behavior (including "drag queen story hours" at libraries, "woke" schools and education authorities that actively encourage deviant behavior, and other such threats).  Yes, that means we have to get involved.  Yes, that means we may have to abandon more attractive and interesting uses of our time in order to protect our kids by our involvement.  That's what parenting - proper parenting - is all about.



Aesop said...

"It's facile to say "just shoot them". There are, and will be, too many others to take their place. We can't kill our way out of this problem."

We can't??
How will we know unless we try?

"It takes parents who are actively involved in raising their children..."

And for everything else, there's Winchester, and Morbark.

deb harvey said...

it is written, 'as the twig is bent so grows the tree.'.

Rich Shappard said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Peter.

BTW, I'm a huge fan of your Maxwell Saga.

Old NFO said...

We can damned well shoot the groomers...

Blue said...

Similarly, when gays start talking early sex life, it's often well below the age of consent with a much older man. I wonder how many are gay vs. how many are made?
Of course, that's a question you're not allowed to ask....

tweell said...

To date, I know just one pedo who has rehabilitated himself. He had a spiritual awakening in prison, and it was genuine. He served his time without complaint, found a job and has behaved well. He's on lifetime probation, so gets regular visits and checks.

The guy does his absolute best to never be around children. He lives in an over-55 retirement community and does his shopping late at night to avoid even chance encounters. He said that God took his perversion away, but is doing his best to stay away from temptation just in case.

I call him the exception that proves the rule, since over 80% of pedos reoffend.

LL said...

Sorry, BRM - big respect to you - but if they act on their impulses, hanging is too good for them. You can re-use the rope and I'll donate the ammo.

Anonymous said...

While I agree 100% that EVERY homosexual or so-called transgender has some sort of trauma in their past that led them down their path (that they are unwilling to face), tainting the Dark Side of the Moon imagery isn't the best.

boron said...

hate to mention it, but a lot of them don't wind up in prison: they wind up teaching grades K-12

Beans said...

We can kill to slow down the pedos. You said it yourself, Peter. Stop the cycle of abuse and grooming, and we may save part of the next generation.

I've met pedos. They are only good for fertilizing the land, those that aren't full of diseases.

I deal with survivors of childhood abusers. There is no total recovery, especially for the ones that endured years of abuse. It's always there, like a virus in the brain, that can remain dormant for years, decades, scores of years, but will, WILL surface at the weirdest and most inopportune time.

I know people who've lost body parts that have better mental survival than victims of pedophelia.

Anonymous said...

With that "logic" Aesop, and if we accept the (well established) premise of the post, you're literally arguing that we ought to simply shoot molested children the moment we discover they've been molested. Per the meme, a high percentage of them are going to go on to have warped sexual desires themselves after all. Or are you arguing we should wait until they've hurt someone else? In Wich case, per the meme, they've already "infected" another person, by abusing them.
I'm pretty sure you don't actually advocate shooting the victims of child abuse and rape, but that's where your "solution" inevitably leads, given the percentage of abuse victims who go on to victimize others.
Peter's solution, otoh, doesn't end with dead kids. But you don't get to say witty stuff about Winchester, so what's the point, amirite?

Mike-SMO said...

My perspective is simpler. I'd guess that the molested children who eventuallymoffend, had inherited the defective genetics of the molester and that act was the trigger for the appearance of the defective behavior. The molestation was a trigger, not a "cause". The troubled child most likely had troubled family members. It is a lifetime burden. Those who never offended learned to control or redirect those demons. Molestation is a burden and an attack on trust, but it doesn't determine the future.

Anonymous said...

I'd settle for exile to the Antarctic.

JohninMd.(HELP!) said...

There will be roughly TWO MILLION CHILDREN trapped in the sex slave market this year - average survival in that life for the victims is NINE YEARS, OR LESS. Jesus himself called for,milestones to be tied around,the scum' neck before a deep-water swim.... I, for obe will follow the Yeshua, and rehab the victims- and pray it takes.

James said...

I have survived this bullshit as a young child and do not believe offenders can be rehabilitated,simple as.

I believe over 90% of those who molest were molested themselves.

That said,by no means does that mean all who were molested become predators of a ugly nature.

Keep proven molestors either locked up for life or kill.

Defend you and others children by any means necc.,listen to kids and if needed not only protect them but get them help early on,they can though it hurts move on and have a good life.

Do not engage in witch hunts/seek proof ect.,not just rumor.

A huge number of folks who were molested kill themselves,feel a lot of them do so as they are afraid they will become the monster they so rightfully despise,while I in one sense applaud this sacrifice to keep kids safe am saddened they did nor seek out help from family /friends ect.,you can move on and despite what you have been through have a good life/not be a monster but perhaps a savior for others who were dragged down this dark path.

I am living proof of this,get help for yourself and any victims you come across.

Anonymous said...

Had one in first husbands family. It came out late in life when stepdaughters who were abused by him found him fondling his grandchildren. So once they stepped forward a much younger brother, his son and one of mine came forward. These are just the one's we know about. Mine has been in therapy off and on since adulthood. He was the pillar of his community and deacon of his church. Died a few years after the trial which gave him probation. I've lived with the repercussion of his perversion to this day. So if not a firing squad for each and every one, then life in prison with no parole. For the one rehabbed there are a millions in line behind him to want to continue to do as they want. Death or life in prison.

McChuck said...

This is one of the many, many problem with Islam and the entire Arab world. Men raping little boys is so common as to be nearly universal.

McChuck said...

"It's facile to say "just shoot them". There are, and will be, too many others to take their place. We can't kill our way out of this problem."

Yes, we can execute them. Then execute their replacements. Then keep on executing them, forever. It's part of the mechanism of civilization to cull the herd of predators. It is a job that never ends.

Just because it's difficult and distasteful doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.

Mad Jack said...

Peter: It's facile to say "just shoot them". There are, and will be, too many others to take their place.

Old NFO: We can damned well shoot the groomers...

I side with Old NFO. Society should not allow children to be exposed to perversions and the antics of the woke subculture. The behavior that these subcultures consider normal is light years beyond anything I could imagine when I was growing up. People who promote trans-whatever, homosexuality, lesbianism, BDSM, and similar activities to children should be taken out and shot. I'm betting a firing squad could be assembled in under an hour, and that those volunteers would bring their own rifle and ammunition.

At the same time, I point wordlessly to the McMartin Preschool Trial which dragged on for seven years at a cost of fifteen million dollars, and resulted in zero convictions and all charges dropped. Lives were absolutely ruined.

My point is, be careful who you shoot.

Anonymous said...

My mother was completely convinced that one of my uncles tried to rape my older brother. One of my older sisters has no memory of her life before about the time she was 17.
Several years ago, many of us of my age group in the family got together and vowed among our selves that "The Shit Stops Here!"
We have done all in our power to make sure that our children never had to know the things we knew.
I am hopeful that we mostly succeeded.

froginblender said...

I have the same question as commenter Blue in #5.

My speculative notion is that the half of homosexuals (or "gay" people, if you prefer) who are comfortable with themselves were "born that way", and that the other half -- who are not at ease and antagonize others (as activists, Antifa, or worse: criminal behavior) were traumatized by childhood sexual abuse.

If I'm right, that would help to explain why we are not supposed to ask.

Anonymous said...