Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sunday morning music


Here's something different for your Sunday morning enjoyment.

Nini describes herself as a "musical shape shifter".  Her Web site notes:

Nini grew up in Taiwan and has played and studied Chinese Traditional Folk instruments for over 20 years. She has toured Europe, the USA, Canada, China, Japan, and all of her home island playing in orchestral as well as rock settings. Nini is now on a journey to create her own unique sounds with the use of her traditional instruments and share them with the world. Nini's music blends the sound of her instruments the San Xian, Ruan, and Liuqin with the contemporary sounds of rock, metal, and EDM.

She has several albums out, plus music for video games, where she's been fairly successful.  I've chosen four tracks from her YouTube channel this morning, three offering what I suppose are Far Eastern or "ethnic" reinterpretations of Western rock classics, the other being her variation on a Taiwanese folk tune.

Let's start with her rendition of the Rolling Stones' classic "Paint It Black".

Next, here's her version of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters".

This traditional Taiwanese tune, "Longma", gets her "folk metal" treatment.

And finally, here's a rousing rendition of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck".

You'll find more of her music on her YouTube channel, and at her Web site.



boron said...

perhaps the first step as we become inculcated:
Borrowed from Latin inculcātus, perfect passive participle of inculcō (“impress upon, force upon”), from in + calcō (“tread upon, trample”), from calx (“heel”).
from Wiktionary

Anonymous said...

there is a whole genre of Asian influenced covers of western music:

Mauser said...

What's even funnier is when you realize that a Samisen is basically a Japanese Banjo.

Bootmaker said...

good stuff..kinda like the asian version of the Cleverlys ?