Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Optimistic, but true


I had to smile at Stephan Pastis' cartoon yesterday.  Click the image to be taken to a larger version at the "Pearls Before Swine" Web page.

It's easy to get lost in all the doom-and-gloom news that surrounds us.  I'm guilty of that too, from time to time.  It's good to remind ourselves that there's still a lot of good in the world, even though it may take effort to find it.



Old NFO said...

And they are few and far between anymore... sigh

Anonymous said...

I have found the adaptive curmudgeon to be very good at that as well.


lynn said...

Jerry Pournelle used to say "Despair is a Sin". He was not wrong. Very guilty of it here.

Anonymous said...

Bad times, feeling sullen or pessimistic are reminders to read your Holy Bible. Or, to increase your time in the word of God.

Cedar said...

Oh! It's me! :D