Thursday, May 11, 2023

Drug cartel operations and US electoral fraud


Seth Keshel has analyzed the probable correlation between the presence of drug cartels in various US counties and the incidence of electoral fraud there.  The results are eye-opening.  You really need to click over there to read the whole thing, but here are the bare bones.

The numbers shake out like this:

  • 143 counties containing cartel cells
  • 107 (74.8%) of counties with cartel cells classify as Critical/Disrupted (Red/Yellow) for 2020 Election Fraud.
  • 27 (18.9%) of the Remaining 36 are adjacent to Critical/Disrupted Election counties.  This means that a cartel operating in a county in this shade (Green or Light Green) may be operating in such a way that they are impacting the neighboring Red or Yellow-shaded counties.
  • 9 (6.3%) of 143 counties are not connected to a county in the Critical/Disrupted Category.  Just Gaines and Val Verde Counties in Texas identify with a clean trend and do not border any Critical/Disrupted/Excess Vote counties.
  • 93.7% of cartel counties are either directly impacted or adjacent to counties placing in the most severe categories of election fraud.  Just 1.4% of these counties identify with a “clean” election trend and border only counties with the same trend indicator (Solid Green).

Here are three key takeaways as to what these figures and graphics tell us:

1)  Cartel Corruption Thrives with Government Corruption

This is the argument of causation versus mere correlation.  Occam’s Razor suggests to me that obvious corruption, such as the kind found in Harris County, Texas, creates the conditions via lax law enforcement and improper cartel influence (bribery) of government officials, for cartel activity to thrive and persist.  Likewise, the same corruption provides for loose election law enforcement and, down the line, bloated vote totals for Democrat candidates.

2)  Cartels May Have a Deliberate Role in Election Manipulation

Cartels traffic everything else, from narcotics to arms to human beings.  Why would we not expect them to traffic counterfeit ballots, and in doing so, provide cover for partisan political operatives (nothing to see here!) in the event of a major nationwide push to uncover corruption?  Members are transient and practically impossible to track between the many cartel hubs in the continental United States.

3)  Cartels Exert Tremendous Political Power that Disenfranchises American Citizens

Correlation between cartel presence and election fraud demonstrates the clout cartels hold over mid-sized and large counties.  They control many municipalities adjacent to the U.S.-Mexico border and have turned the ones on the Mexican side into war zones.  Cartels certainly have a heightened interest in American politics; their influence in Arizona’s politics managed to get a basement-campaigning sack of potatoes elected against one of the most impressive populist candidates in American politics and has had Southern California on lock-down for open borders for years.  What’s worse?  Texas is next, and well underway based on the maps shown in this piece.

There's more at the link, including a very interesting map that lays out everything visually.

This isn't surprising to anyone who's followed the growth and influence of the cartels in Mexico itself.  They basically control almost the entire electoral process there, irrespective of whatever political party may be in control of the country or of any given area.  When their standard offer is "plata o plomo" (literally, "silver or lead" - take our bribes and do what we say, or we'll kill you), it's hard to find anyone with the guts to stand up to them, particularly when those who do usually end up dead (along with their entire families).

That's also why it's so difficult to eradicate cartel influence once it takes over an area.  When they control all the officials in that area, they can be sure someone will tip them off to any effort to remove them.  They'll also be able to get information about who's behind it, who's in charge of it, and where they and their families live.  Thus, they can intimidate - or worse - anyone who moves against them.

It's tragic that they've been allowed to gain such influence already.  Unless they're stopped, we can expect them to carry on as usual in every major American city and county.  The question is, does anyone have the will to stop them?  If not, things don't look good for our future . . .



Anonymous said...

I keep railing on this, but appear to be the only one. Folks just don't think about secondary, tertiary, quaternary affects.
Oh no, illegal immigrants, they'll push our wages down and overload our welfare system (1st order affects)!
They also aren't immunized like Americans, their offspring are dragging our school system underwater, and many are linked to the cartels (secondary)
Their cultural preferences are different (see the article about all the hindus shitting on the beaches in Canada!), and police are stretched even further due to an increase in crime (from direct cartel action, as well as cultural enrichment creating friction - see the illegal who did a mag dump at his neigjbors trailer 2 weeks ago) Teritiary affects!
Need I go on?
Everyone gets stuck at the simple border jumper looking for a better life, which on its surface, deserves sympathy. I have heard stories first hand from co-workers, silver or lead indeed.
However instead of solving their problem in their country, they run, hide, flee, and bring their problems here, to our country. Now we have their problems!
They don't start solving their problems here. They continue to act in the same ways that caused the problem to germinate in their country, therby exacerbating the problem and expanding its geographical footprint.

In other words, we need to start shooting the bastards as they try to cross the river!!!

Xoph said...

Who will clean up the problem. The Federal Govt is part of the problem. State Govt-there has been no real challenge by any state to the Feds, No governor willing to stand up. I suppose adjacent counties could invade their neighbors. Or maybe the already intimidated citizens could risk prosecution for racial crimes and murder by taking the law into their own hands.

Almost every single state capital is red, if not yellow. Greens, dark and light, are all rural. Rural people have been on the defensive from all the craziness for years. Hispanics are all through rural regions, many of them good neighbors.

If this goes kinetic it will be a goat rope of epic proportions.

Anonymous said...

The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.

If only we knew of a law we could pass which would remove the ability of organized drug criminals to make money.

Anonymous said...

Bud Light just lost huge amounts of sales due to their recent ad campaign, but there hasn't been a single drive-by shooting between beer distributors. I conclude many voters are delusional.

characterized by or holding false beliefs or judgments about external reality that are held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, typically as a symptom of a mental condition.

Beans said...

That number of counties with cartel cells? Bwahahahaha. Those numbers are low, very low. There were over 150 counties with cartel cells in the early 2010s.

Every prison has a cartel cell in it. Many jails. Most low-income housing that has 'hispanics' in it. Many migrant worker camps. Anywhere where hispanic gangs exist.

That's how far this nation has been penetrated by cartels.

B5K said...

I call BS on the map.

I live and work in one of the reddest counties, in one of the reddest states in the South. My better (and smarter) half is a volunteer at our polling location.

Biden votes stuffed in our boxes? Not even remotely. IIRC Trump took 98% here.

There's a also a denoted "Cartel location" not too far away. Also BS.