Monday, May 15, 2023

If this isn't treason, it's the next best thing to it


What do you call it when a national government expressly ignores the constitution of that country, and takes actions that defy that fundamental law?  It may not be treason in the sense of the explicit, specific definition of that term, but it's darn close.

The Biden administration is doing just that in abandoning its constitutional responsibility to protect this country against invasion.  Just The News points out:

With just two words, the top uniformed officer in the Customs and Border Protection agency sent shockwaves across official Washington two months ago when asked whether his agency has operational control of the southern U.S. border.

"No, sir," Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told Congress in a shocking admission that exposed just how badly border security has deteriorated under President Joe Biden.

At the time, illegal crossings at the border in March were averaging 5,000 a day, far more than the historical average of 2,000 daily at the end of the Trump administration.

By last week, those crossing had exploded to a record 10,000 a day as the pandemic-related Title 42 order allowing migrants to be turned away expired.

Border officials says illegal crossings will soon shoot up to 11,000 to 16,000 daily. With each increase under Biden, more border patrol agents are being torn from their security roles and moved to process migrants and release them into the country.

When the total hits 16,000 daily, only 10% of available border agents will be on patrol and the drug cartels will have full control, says Brandon Judd, a border patrol agent and the president of the National Border Patrol Council, the union representing border agent.

Judd says the crisis point will emerge in a few weeks when media attention to the end of Title 42 subsides and the cartels take full advantage.

"As the talk starts to die down, as you start to see the media go away from the border, that's when we're going to see the numbers start to shoot right back up,” Judd told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Friday. "So we can expect post-Title 42, we can expect that our numbers are going to go up anywhere between 13,000 to 16,000 apprehensions per day."

Judd provided unprecedented detail on how border secutity patrols decrease as illegal migrants rise.

"When we're apprehending 3,000 people, we're pulling resources out of the field," he explained. "We don't have as many Border Patrol agents patrolling the border. When we're apprehending 5,000 people a day – now we only have 50% of our border patrol agents patrolling the border. When we hit 10,000 apprehensions a day, that means we're only deploying 30% of our border patrol agents to patrol the border.

"And when that happens, the cartels are able to gain ground on the vast majority of our border, as they start controlling the vast majority of our border. Once those numbers go up to 13,000 to 16,000, we're only going to have 10% of our border patrol agents actively patrolling the border, and the cartels will own every inch of the border.”

There's more at the link.

Indeed, the Biden administration is making a mockery of the legal requirements imposed on illegal aliens to appear for hearings on whether or not they can stay.  It's pushing the dates of those hearings so far into the future that they're essentially meaningless.

Migrants processed into the US as asylum seekers are being given immigration court dates more than a decade away.

In Brownsville, migrants who arrived in the US Thursday showed The Post their paperwork with designated court dates set as late as 2032 and 2035 in Chicago and Florida.

Now they have been admitted to the county and given a court date, the migrants can receive a work permit and legally live and work in the US until their case comes up.

. . .

Backlogs at immigration courts currently stand at 2.1 million cases waiting to be heard.

There are around 600 immigration court judges deciding asylum cases, and in the last financial year, they closed approximately 312,000 cases.

According to data from the Justice Department, 2022 saw the highest number of asylum applications on record, with almost 700,000 filed.

That record could be broken this year, with projections based on first-quarter figures to be almost 740,000 applications filed.

In the run-up to the end of Title 42, US Customs and Border Protection has apprehended more than 10,000 migrants each day since Sunday — the highest numbers in the agency’s recorded history.

Again, more at the link.

So, an illegal alien can arrive here and be given a hearing date up to a dozen years in the future.  During that period they'll be able to work and earn a living, at the expense of Americans who might need that job;  and any children born to them will be American citizens by birth, and able to stay here even if the illegal alien is later deported.

Basically, the Biden administration is showing its utter contempt for ordinary Americans, and for the constitution and laws of this country.  It's not so much disobeying them as disregarding them altogether.



Anonymous said...

If you protest or worse, it's an example of White Supremacy and terrorism.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine that the Founders set The People as an institution superior to all other institutions; assigned that a government, being necessary yet closely watched, be inferior and under The People; enumerated few powers to the government; placed further restrictions on government: enshrined acknowledgement into law the liberties of a free, self-governing people; yet would deny to The People a means separate from government, the right and the power to enforce prosecution for acts of sedition or treason.

Somewhere over time, a lie had been planted, taken root and blossomed. That lie is that the people must rely on government to right the ship.
The lie requies us to believe that the Founders could not foresee the same government which they had conceived would become corrupt.

Peteforester said...

Providing comfort and assistance to an invading force IS treason!

Anonymous said...

Time to start hanging traitors.

Ross said...

Looks tome like the Clowared Piven strategy run by our treasonous government.


Don said...

I agree with Anonymous Said

JohninMd.(HELP!) said...

Let us face the uncomfortable fact - thanks to the electorate's ignorance, we have become a POLICE STATE.
At least under any regime like this one....