Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Rights? Yeah, right!


Sent to me by an anonymous reader:

Blame "special rights" on so-called "identity politics", which emphasizes division at the expense of unity in the body politic.  Same goes for politics in general.  Those who look to divide citizens against one another are seeking to "divide and rule", and (in the process) destroy national unity.

Rights are either universal, for every individual and group, or they're not rights at all - they're privileges.



Dan said...

Many people don't understand the concept of "Rights". What they think of as a
"Right" is actually a special privilege reserved for special people...like them. And everyone else doesn't get it. But then again, most people are morons.

Landroll said...

That's a slippery slope. Of course, we've been on it for decades now. Fo the societal changes I agree with, it's been good. For those changes I don't agree with, not so good. I.e., your time, effort, and materials are yours under the idea of private property rights. You own a bakery. Don't want to bake a cake for a tutti fruiti? Too bad, so sad, spend some time and money fighting for your rights. Lotts of luck!

Anonymous said...


The irony is that "rights" conceived in the Declaration of Independence were foundational lines drawn against government deprivation (and later specified in the Bill of Rights). As the republic foundered the government became the iron hand tasked w "protecting" rights and thus holds the power to decide who gets protected and who is deprived based upon arbitrary or political considerations. I auppose that's the fundamental flaw in our founding documents-- who watches the watchers?

Wayne said...

@Landroll. Easy for you to say from the cheap seats. Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop spent 6 years fighting the state of Commirado to defend his God given rights (recognized by the First Amendment) to freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The very day that SCOTUS recognized, reluctantly, that he had those rights, he was targeted by a Denver attorney who wanted a “gender transition”. That case is still in the courts with the state of Commierado giving SCOTUS the double raised middle finger.

And what are you doing? Playing Call of Duty on your PlayStation?

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has the same rights.

For example, the mentally ill may like the right to keep and bear arms.

Murderers may lose their right to life.