Monday, November 6, 2023

Doofus Of The Day #1,110


Today's award goes to a woman in Indianapolis who screwed up her own hate crime.

IMPD officers arrested a woman, who they labeled a “terrorist,” after she drove her car into a building that she thought was a Jewish school.

. . .

Ruba Almaghtheh, 34, was arrested on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness.

According to a police report obtained by FOX59/CBS4, police were called to the building around 11:30 Friday night to investigate a hate crime. Officers said Almaghtheh backed her car into the building while several adults and children were inside.  

Almaghtheh told officers she was watching news coverage of the Israel-Hamas war on television and decided to plan an attack on the building because she was offended by the “Hebrew Israelite” symbol on the front of the building.  

Police said Almaghtheh passed by the building a couple times and called it the “Israel school.”

IMPD said she made reference to “her people back in Palestine” and told officers, “Yes. I did it on purpose.” 

However, the Anti-Defamation League defines the Israelite School of Universal and Practical Knowledge as an “extreme and antisemitic” sect of the Black Hebrew Israelites. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Black Hebrew Israelites as a hate group.

There's more at the link.

According to Wikipedia, "In 2017, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) listed the Black Hebrew Israelites as one of the 'black nationalist groups of concern', along with the Nation of Islam and others. The SPLC has also described the Black Hebrew Israelites as a hate group which supports racial segregation, Holocaust denial, homophobia, and promotes a race war, and as of December 2019, it 'lists 144 Black Hebrew Israelite organizations as black separatist hate groups because of their antisemitic and anti-white beliefs'."

A few days ago, a Jewish journalist posted video of a violent clash between Black Hebrew Israelite and pro-Hamas demonstrators, noting that "BHI believe they are the real Jews, and Jews like me are fake Khazarians.  Did not have this on my 2023 bingo card."  The BHI demonstrators weren't attacking the others to defend Israel, but because they regarded themselves as true Israelites and Israeli Jews as imposters and false believers.  It gets complicated.

Anyway, to get back to the original report, Ms. Almaghtheh apparently attacked the BHI building because she thought it was a Jewish property marked with a Jewish symbol.  In fact, she attacked an anti-semitic, racist, extremist group that appears to want to hurt Israel and Jews as much as she does.  Talk about a jihadi own goal!



McChuck said...

The SPLC accidentally gets one right for a change.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Not sure I would trust anything that comes from the SPLC.

Anonymous said...

LOL, did anybody tell her, afterwards?

EricW said...

Both the ADL and the SPLC are hate groups in their own right. Don't believe half of what they claim, do your own research or suffer the consequences.

Landroll said...

Unfortunately neither Palestinians nor BHI are on the right side of the intellectual bell curve.

nick flandrey said...

The cynic in me wonders if they'd have labeled her a 'terrorist' if she'd attacked actual jews.

Her thought process is interesting. She clearly thought she'd get some sort of reward socially, some sort of affirmation. Her social circle would and should get a good looking at in any healthy government or society.


Maniac said...

Wait, wait - did the SPLC actually label a NON-WHITE political group as a cause for concern?

Is that a red horse I see in the sky?

Ritchie said...

Is there a list on un-haters? I'm curious if I would qualify.

Mad celt said...

Yes, I am often offended and think of ramming my King Cab into something but I am intelligent enough to be aware the act won't solve a thing and will get me thrown behind bars.