Thursday, November 16, 2023

Remember what I said about cities?


If you don't, consider these headlines from the past 24 hours:

Cars block FedEx semi while dozens pillage packages, leave boxes scattered everywhere

A FedEx tractor-trailer was blocked by several cars in a Memphis, Tennessee, intersection before dozens of people pillaged the back of the truck for packages, leaving boxes discarded all over the road during the brazen weekend theft.

Video from the scene shows multiple people running through parked cars in the road toward the FedEx truck as the driver attempts to escape the ravagers who are carrying their loot.

Helpless Amazon driver watches as group of looters raid her truck

Video captured from a nearby apartment shows the thieves jumping out of the front of the van and running to the back where the door is already opened, before hopping back in and filling their arms with packages.

The camera then turned to the driver, who was in the middle of her delivery route, abruptly stopped walking and watched as her truck was ransacked.

This sort of thing has become commonplace in parts of many large US cities.  It's not limited to trucks, either:  in some places, even trains are being looted almost at will.

Our cities are becoming worse and worse by the day.  They contain sizeable underclasses of residents who care nothing for honesty or the rule of law, and who don't fear the police or the justice system at all.  They know they can get away with almost anything, even murder, and therefore they do as they please.  Left-wing progressive District Attorneys no longer bother to enforce many laws, and when they do it's in a slap-on-the-wrist fashion rather than seeking genuinely deterrent punishment - a clear signal to the lawless that there are no limits restraining them.

I said a while back:

I sometimes get the feeling I'm talking to a brick wall when I keep warning about the dangers of living in "big blue" cities, because few people appear to take my warnings seriously.  Nevertheless, I'll keep providing evidence, in the hope that at least some of my readers may see the light in time, and get the hell out of them before it's too late.

. . .

Folks, if you can't read the writing on the wall by this point, I don't know how to reach you.  Too many people are judging the cities they live in by the conditions around their suburban homes, where everything looks just peachy and hunky-dory.  However, that ignores the festering plague spots of low-income, low-education, overcrowded, urban-decay, crime-infested areas where the people live largely on government benefits and have little to no hope of ever breaking free from that cycle of dependency.  They're part of the same cities as those suburbs.  When the stresses in those areas stretch too tight, or the benefits they depend on are no longer available (or are reduced in value thanks to inflation and rising prices), they display their displeasure by becoming more violent and anti-social.

. . .

Friends, our cities have fallen so far that I seriously doubt they can be rescued.  They'll have to hit rock bottom, and realize it, and take steps to cut away the deadwood that's crippling them, before they can rise again.  If you stay, hoping for the best, I fear greatly that you may end up as part of the deadwood that's cut away.

I hope I'm wrong . . . but I doubt it.  The evidence of what's coming is overwhelming.  It won't happen overnight, or even in a year or two, but the overall trend is unmistakeable, and probably irreversible.

Leave our "big blue" cities while you still can, even if it means taking a financial loss in the process.  Some things - your family, your and their lives, your security - are worth more than money.

There's more at the link.

Welcome to Robert A. Heinlein's "crazy years".  If you want to avoid them as far as possible, don't be where they're in full swing.  Get out of our big cities.  Now.



Contrarian View said...

They are turning America into Africa. Who will stand up for our country?

Chris Nelson said...

"Underclasses" ?

(Views videos and checks the demographics of Memphis...)

Underclass Lives Matter!

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

The Progressives are hyper-vigilant about enforcing some man-made laws.

We are not allowed to protect ourselves or those whose safety we have been entrusted with. Nor can we come to the aid of those weaker than ourselves.

Anonymous said...

A civilization in decline is marked not by immortality but lawlessness

Jim from down the Bayou

Anonymous said...

Why can't anyone use the term "Black" when referring to the types of people who do this? The video evidence is pretty clear time after time. It ain't people with Western European ancestry, but rather African ancestry. It ain't whites, or asians, or hispanics, it's blacks.

Why do we all have to dance around the truth?

Justin_O_Guy said...

Just cutting out the middle man. Why rob the Brinks truck so you can go buy what is on the FedEx truck? Avoid the armed guards! Get the goodies!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Peter, some do listen. I won't say your blog was the sole reason we moved from urban California to a mostly rural area a few states over ... but the message and reporting was a contributing factor to our totality of circumstances. Thank you.

tsquared said...

It was just over 29 years ago I moved to a sleepy town 12 miles outside the sprawl of Atlanta. Within 6 years we were a suburb of the ATL and it has expanded another 25 miles. I have a contract for the sell of the house in a few weeks and another to buy a house in a small town in rural south GA. I am tired of the "didin do's" and the impossible left hand turn on to Old Peachtree road out of the sub division.

Maniac said...

The "usual suspects."

riverrider said...

change that to ANY city. when the ebt cuts off, or the food sells out, the purge begins. i figure they'll mill around the hood a couple days robbing their own, but then they'll come pouring out like a flood. the govt will try to supply them but even they don't have the logistics much less the plan. it'll be too little too late and the killing will ensue ala somalia. even the "red" cities have enough savages to make it dicey. uncle sugar will be busy elsewhere, we're on our own. plan accordingly. have mags loaded, lots.

NobobyExpects said...

Back to the Wild West, when the stagecoaches were assaulted in route. With the difference that nobody expects the coming of the Cavalry to save the day.

Anonymous said...

There is no one stopping you but you.
They may seek to make you uncomfortable; they mock, ridicule, threaten, perhaps with violence. But do so anyway. Be true to yourself.

We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence then is not an event but a process.

Practice and strive for excellence.

Anonymous said...

Civvies got together posses. Posses rode until far enough or capture of the bad guys. No jurisdictions, no boundaries. Not uncommon of posses riding hundreds of miles, picking up new members along the way.

So if that is how it will be, you ride expecting other likeminded to join you.

Greg said...

All, and I mean ALL of our supply chains run through the blue hives. While we are far from them ourselves, and mostly beyond the reach of the "golden horde" phenomenon, if the cities become no-go zones for freight, everything stops. Some small amount of freight may be able to route around the worst of a collapsed, anarchic city, but even the peripheral industrial zones (warehouses and freight yards) need to use the freeway system for transport. Even an armored convoy could be stopped, bottle-necked, and besieged in place until its defenders give up.
So. Will the "everything stops" that is impending be slow or fast to occur?

Anonymous said...

Damnit, is it Rumspringer again?
When will someone introduce some common-sense legislation protecting us from these 'Youths'?

Yeah, like a few other's posted. Don't say it, don't dare say it...
We've got a ginger problem.

Aesop said...

This just accelerates the transition to shooting looters.
And then suspected looters.
And then anyone of color outside the 'hood.

If they bring this to the suburbs, their life expectancy becomes measured in minutes, and the police will get fired upon too if they seek to interfere.

Private citizens kill many times more criminals than cops every year in this country already, and when suburbia transitions to "nobody saw nothing, Officer", the liberal idiot model of pseudo-policing is done, with a stake through its heart.

Liberals in the suburbs will either convert or suffer a similar fate to looters.
"Snitches get stiches" will transition to "snitches end up in ditches" in about a week after that.

I'd say "Nobody wants that", and if we're talking sane, rational people that's true; but it seems self-evident that it's exactly what TPTB want, which leads inescapably to the conclusion that they are neither sane, nor rational, which we've known for some good time. So they're going to get that outcome, good and hard.

When it transitions fully to "Your meatsuit is your uniform", which is all but inevitable, the full party is well and truly on.

Wait and see.

Government has abdicated their sole legitimate function.
Gandhi is dead.
Robbespierre is stepping onto the stage, and his Minister of Justice will be Heinlein:
"An armed society is a polite society."

Civic centers will die (take a look at Detroit for a template), unless TPTB pull their heads out, and perform extinction-level events on the warlords and their armies they've created in the inner cities, ruthlessly and in haste.

This is a gravity calculation, not requiring any amount of prescience.

Things simply have nowhere else to go but descent into that.

Dan said...

When the productive people with the assets leave the cities for safer areas the criminal class WILL follow. Count on it. And the criminal politicians will pass laws forcing good people to accept these two legged animals into the safe communities.

Anonymous said...

Interesting summary of Heinlein's "Future History". I believe the professor left out the most significant part, where Heinlein described what happened to those who caused the Crazy Years and how the rules were changed to aid the saner part of society in ensuring the Crazies (leftistist, I believe) would not be able to repeat their activities that destroyed the American Republic.

Perhaps we should seek copyright permission to reprint in suitable format for delivery to each and every member of Congress, everyone of their Staff, and to every Judge and Clerk from the "Supreme" on down.

Anonymous said...

kind of sad in a way. as I told a friend of mine this kind of crap was going to happen years ago. he thought I was nuts. he doesn't anymore. I left the blue hive of philly after my parents passed on. still have friends there and I try like hell to make them leave, but they are staying for some reason (?) I told him after the stores close, people will buy online. and when that happens, the trucks will be hit and items stolen from them. that was over 25 years ago now. moved to a area in the bible belt. crime is low here, but drugs are trying to make a market. once that happens, crime will follow in mass. always does.
you need to be at least 50 miles from any blue city/area
closer to 100 miles be better. and as always, stay armed
at all times. you may not think you life is worth fighting over 20 bucks, but they will.
and when the illegals get started with crime, this will get a lot worse fast. plan on it happening as it will.
dave in pa.

kemp said...

They were being judged by the content of their character all along.

Mikey said...

I know people love their .45 ACP's and magnum revolvers and I have no problem with any of that but we moving to a scenario where magazine capacity is going to be the main issue with carry guns.

Tim said...

Follow the Heinlein model all the way. Build a wall around the inner cities. Do not deliver within the wall. Do not have retail or wholesale outlets within the wall. Allow only foot traffic in and out, and search everyone entering or leaving. If they do not want to be part of a civilized country, remove them from being part of the civilized country.