Tuesday, November 7, 2023

So the Nashville shooter was an out-and-out racist (among other things)


Steven Crowder yesterday leaked images of three pages from the alleged manifesto of the Nashville school shooter.  His posts have been scrubbed from social media, but the images may be seen on his Web site.  I highly recommend clicking over there to read them.

It turns out the shooter, named Audrey Elizabeth Hale at birth but claiming to be a trans male, was an out-and-out racist and fanatically anti-white "true believer".  So much for official insinuations that she "snapped" because she experienced rejection due to her trans status.  That appears to have had little or nothing to do with her actions.

Well over half a year after the shooting, the authorities have yet to release her manifesto, and are refusing to even talk about the video she mentions in the portion released by Crowder yesterday.  How much more do they know that they aren't telling us?  The official silence is so deafening that one must needs assume that they're trying to lie to us yet again, this time by omission more than commission.

I think we owe Steven Crowder a debt of gratitude for doing what the authorities should have done a long time ago.  I hope he has more of the manifesto, and will release it soon.  And, to all those in authority who refused to do so . . . thanks for nothing!



Anonymous said...

Another telling sign of the corrupt and treasonous "Leaders" at the helm of this ship.
I honestly don't know how anyone alive today with a functional cortex doesn't abhor everything about the government these days?
You are a tax slave on a plantation, nothing more... it's just now becoming ever more obvious. They don't care about you and me, never have.

Maniac said...

Rumor also has it that Audrey, or whatever she was calling xirself, had fantasies of being a black man so that she could sodomize black women.

AFAIC, her college professors have as much blood on their hands as she does.

Bob said...

How much longer before normal people finally stand up, roll up their sleeves, and put a stop to all this insanity? Even tho Luke 22:36 has been argued over endlessly about it's real meaning, Jesus did say it was time to pick up the sword. I assume that it also meant it was time to stop turning the other cheek.

BUT, IMO, we need to find the head of snake, not just go after it's minions.

Mind your own business said...

No real surprises there. The violent mentally ill have become a political force, and so long as they are protected by the Left, they will continue to inflict their existence on the rest of us.

Get used to living like you are in enemy territory, because you are. Situational awareness and staying strapped is about all we can do for now.

The Other Andrew B said...

The shooter was as white as Wonder Bread but calls her victims "crackers" with "white privilege", then shoots a black man. The shooter was an alumna of that very school, yet hates the children who are "going to fancy schools." The shooter was a vocal member of the LGBT community yet uses an anti-gay slur repeatedly. The shooter murdered unarmed 9 year olds, but calls them "weakass dicks."

This is not a manifesto, this is the ultimate statement of the liberal mind in our day. Unfocused rage, projection and a victim complex all in one angry, crazed package. Audrey Hale is the emblem of our time.

Dan said...

The shooter may have been a lot of things but the one undeniable thing they were was batshit crazy. Trans gender people are BY DEFAULT insane. They should ALL be institutionalized...for their safety and the safety o society as a whole. We simply must stop catering to the insane and start removing them from society. Not doing so is indicative of a defective society doomed to failure.

Zaphod said...

The (Insert Whatever) is/are the REAL Racists!!!


Boom, Boom, Boomercoom.

Get a bucket and soap and wash down the Barcaloungers, change the Depends, whateverssss.

'Racist' is a word invented and used by our ENEMIES. Nobody on our side wins by trying to turn the other side's Magic Curse Words against them.

Just call that thing a murderous White-hating Degenerate and shame them all as disgusting perverted dysgenic misfits. Use *our* morality to judge them. Don't use their moral framework.

It's not very complicated.

Hamsterman said...

I'm more concerned about who was covering this up, and why. The shooter is dead. We were told it was to protect the families of the victims, leading us to believe that the manifesto alleged something awful was going on there. Instead, it seems it was to protect the "narrative", in order to encourage (or avoid criticism of) this insane behavior.

There are certain other forms of mass murder (like using a vehicle) that are deliberately tamped down and left as 'local news stories' in order to prevent them from being popularized and copied. I have no objection to that. These shootings are amplified. I presume it is to advance a cause or two, with no consideration of those killed in the process.

McChuck said...

That which the FBI does not intentionally make up, they deliberately conceal.

MNW said...

There is a video. Who has it and what dies it say. This is also, presumably, the last three pages from one of several note books. The rest of it wiuld be facinating, especally if we can see a progression. Does it start with the un-hinged, extreme, far-left hogwash, or does it just culminate to what she did?

They cannot let us see.

If you look at the rhetoric used over the years the LGB and T don't really go together - there are many contradictions.

For example: A woman who thinks she is a man but, still likes women does not consider herself L since she thinks she is he.

MNW said...

Look at all tye known wolves

TRX said...

The sheer incoherence of that text makes look like something written by a committee using a keyword list.

The "leaker" only took pictures of three pages?

Audrey grew up in an online world, but she chose to write her "manifesto" on paper?

She had (as far as I've heard) no online history at all?

I've seen so many instances of "opinion shaping" in the last decade that I am suspicious of stuff like this, which comes across as a ham-handed example of "never let an opportunity go to waste!"