Thursday, November 9, 2023

Dueling entitlements


Instead of dueling banjos, we have - in Chicago this week - dueling entitlements.

There was chaos at City Hall on Tuesday as protesters took over a meeting about Chicago's status as a sanctuary city ... The mostly African-American crowd jammed the City Council gallery, with hundreds more downstairs on the first floor held back by officers with bicycles. They're angry the city is spending tens of millions of dollars to shelter migrants, money they say should be going to help Chicagoans in poor neighborhoods.

. . .

Sparking the crowd's anger were efforts by Mayor Brandon Johnson's former floor leader, 35th Ward Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, to derail a special meeting last week held to discuss the sanctuary city referendum. Ramirez-Rosa tried to prevent a quorum, at one point physically blocking veteran Alderwoman Emma Mitts from entering the chamber.

Today's protesters responded by creating their own chaos, refusing to leave the council chamber until the meeting was eventually suspended.

"In all my years, I haven't seen anything like this," said 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez. "But I've also never seen such a concerted effort to ignore the will of the people."

There's more at the link.

In so many words:  "Iffen there's free money to give, we wuz here fust!  Gimme!  Don't give none to them furriners!"

I bet none of the proudly self-proclaimed "sanctuary cities" saw that coming . . . although I can't imagine why.  Once people get used to being subsidized by the government, they'll naturally object to "their" subsidies being spent on someone else.  Unfortunately, with the millions upon millions of illegals being imported by the Biden administration, the problem's only going to get worse, and the welfare and entitlement budgets will spiral more and more into the red.

Fifty shades of Cloward-Piven!  Pass the popcorn . . .



Old NFO said... it, and pass the buttered popcorn! This is gonna be GOOD!

Mind your own business said...

"Iffen there's free money to give, we wuz here fust! Gimme! Don't give none to them furriners!"

And they are absolutely correct. Illegal immigrants are owed NOTHING. And it is fraud to spend public money trying to placate them. The money is legitimately spent only if it is to send them back to their home countries.

Anonymous said...

When the first Vietnamese refugees showed up here (after the Democrats first refused to allow them in) the Chicanos / Mexicanos complained "They're taking our welfare money" or words to that effect.

zhai2nan2 said...

The danger of Cloward-Piven is that it might succeed in destroying welfare by destroying the entire economy. The most likely outcome would be martial law, which might include food handouts, and might not.

Tree Mike said...

When we see violence between the current welfare takers and the wanna be welfare takers, we'll know it's heading for some serious cluster.

Webley Silvernail said...

I think "Sanctimony City" would be a better sobriquet for these places.

Anonymous said...

When the first Vietnamese refugees [all legally admitted to this country] came to Colorado, they put them in the old Hispanic Projects [now gone]. At the time I was doing a corporate job and had a bunch of off duty cops working for me. I came in one day and my cops looked like they had been shot at and missed and something else and hit. I asked them what had happened, and got the story.

Some of the long resident Hispanics decided that they had a better claim on some of the property of the refugees and took them. They either forgot or never knew that Vietnamese had been living in a wartime environment for generation. The fight was on. The cops told me that they were pulling teenaged Vietnamese kids with rifles out of trees.

In one of the faster moves ever done by Denver Welfare, they arranged to have churches from the suburbs west of Denver take the Vietnamese in and they ended up settling there. But the long time welfare recipients did not appreciate the competition in their turf. I note also that the Vietnamese followed the Asian route to success in life, while the Project residents did not.

Subotai Bahadur

Anonymous said...

Ref Subotai--It was Denver I originally mentioned. Being in the west suburbs I'm glad the Vietnamese settled here, as did the Hmong, also allied refugees of that war. Within the year they had lawn services, were working in stores, restaurants, within a few to several years they had their own businesses.

Hamsterman said...

Los Angeles has been a "Sanctuary City" for decades. It is now predominately Hispanic. Even Compton is largely Hispanic.

Trailer For Sale Or Rent said...

I ditto the comments regarding the Vietnamese refugees.

I was living in Houston in the mid-70s, and the local shrimpers and fishermen were complaining that the Vietnamese were working nonstop and catching all the fish.

Within a generation, there were Vietnamese-owned shopping centers.

These days, the first-generation legal African immigrants want nothing to do with American blacks.

MNW said...

They deserve each other. While watching the various groups that make up the left/Dems eat each other I am sobered by the preview of ethnic, near Balken fights we probably have ahaed.

MNW said...

They are disgusted with the native ones and want little do with them.

Javahead said...

Re Vietnamese vs other refugees:

My Dad taught school in the east side of San Jose CA from the early '70s until he retired. Basically, the barrio - until the refugees started arriving, 90%+ 1st and 2nd generation Spanish speaking, with a significant number of farm workers who would follow the crops during the warmer months.
Most of the parents (and their kids) didn't speak English at home, and transferring the kids into classes after they start and out again before the end of the school year didn't help.

At the same time, the east Foothills (east of the east side flatlands) were quite affluent and well educated, mostly tech workers and their families. They didn't have a "Bell curve" for grades, centered on C+/B- like most school districts. They had a "brassiere curve", with one peak at D to C-, a significant dip on the high Cs and low Bs, and the second peak from B+ on up.

My Dad told me that they could almost always predict which of the two curves a student would fall into based on two things: their home address, and their family name. Unsurprisingly, kids with parents who are well educated themselves or highly value education do better than students with parents to whom it isn't so important. There were exceptions, both ways, based in ability and motivation, but they were relatively rare.

Much later (2000-2010) my own daughters noted that although they attended a very high-scoring high school that offered college level credit in math and the sciences, with very rare exceptions almost every kid taking advantage of the advanced classes was at least half east or south asian. One of my older daughter's friends had the nickname "token white boy" in the classes they shared. FWIW, the school was ~30% asian at most, and things like Speach and Debate competitions were rather more mixed.