Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Teslas and salt water don't mix very well


Ever seen a car burn underwater?  You will now.

Yet another reason why I hope I'm never forced to buy an EV!



LL said...

Maybe they should require ejection seats in the event of an unquenchable your maker in a Martin-Baker rather than in the Tesla. Choose your poison.

lynn said...

Uh, oh my ! I've seen a guy launch his pickup while launching his boat. He was fairly blasted and missed the reverse to forward shift on his 3 on the tree column shift.

Anonymous said...

Re ejection seats

IIRC Martin Baker were thye first to make ejection seats that would get you from ground level to high enough for your parachute to open and land you safely. There is a club -

Comments on a thread on another blog about "another Tesla fry-up" went along the lines of

"Can you specify an ejection seat in options?"

"No. But it gives a large "Ding" when the occupants are done"

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the hybrid SUV that caught fire at the Luton airport a couple weeks ago ? and the fire was so intense that ONE THOUSAND vehicles were damaged and the asphalt of the floor above the hybrid melted and fell on the hybrid SUV ?
I can no longer find anything on google, I think they have hidden that story because it would kill the EV the way the hybrid SUV was a Range Rover.

Old NFO said...

That will also happen with ANY water...not just salt water.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of newspaper reports on the Luton car park fire. Here are a few from one on line newspaper:

It isn't an isolated incident either as a similar incident happened at Liverpool 6 or so years ago.

Phil B

Will said...

I'm thinking that each boat ramp should have an installed tether that is adjusted for vehicle length and water location. SO MANY videos of people screwing up and dunking their tow vehicle. If for no other reason than that a burning EV is going to tie up that ramp for a long time. I figure a tether would be more acceptable than banning all EV's from using the ramp.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if the free market was driving this market instead of the criminal government and the criminal Federal Reserve and all of the rent-seeking parasites like Musk and company.

Alphonse said...

You could still be affected even if you never own an EV or hybrid - when you're out and about never park near one.

Xoph said...

the Boat America course actually uses the last incident as part of the curriculum to show why you should chalk your wheels when launching. Also, only the trailer and never the car goes in the water.

We teach these things because people have been injured or killed, but I watch so many people launching and recovering their boats that are just one small mistake away from disaster.

Rick T said...

Batteries of any kind and salt water are a BAD combination. You get chlorine gas out of the reaction along with hydrogen and oxygen.

Submarines go to great lengths to keep water away from the battery terminals, including the minisubs filling the battery compartment and all the power conduits with insulating oil.

Yes, even nuclear powered submarines have batteries, but think of a battery where a single cell is about the size of a 5-drawer file cabinet, and there are hundreds of them in series.

Overload in Colorado said...

Consider a EV as a second or third vehicle. It'll give you an alternative way of refilling if gasoline becomes hard to get. Diesel would be another option, but I'd think if gas stations are empty, they'll be empty of all fluids including diesel.