Thursday, November 2, 2023

How close?


SNAFU Solomon asks an important question:

Between real life, the various social issues, the issues with our own govt, covid hangover, the world at war (or most of it), illegal immigration, crime, the economy and an exploding federal budget (I know I missed many other things) how much longer before society just breaks?  I don't know if its my imagination but it sure seems like this is just too much to be coincidence ... We're getting fire hosed every ****ing day.

I can't help but wonder the same thing sometimes.  It's been my experience in the Third World that things can stumble along under an ever-increasing weight of problems . . . until the day comes when something suddenly snaps and the machetes come out.  Then you have violence across society, in every town and city, until there's been enough to reach a catharsis and a trembling, shaky peace ensues - until the next time.

How close are we to the machetes coming out?  In our case, they probably won't be machetes, but the end result won't be much different, regardless of the weapon.



pyotr said...

How soon?

Sooner than any one is expecting.

Societal collapse is like bankruptcy. It happens slowly at first, then suddenly.

Canadian Friend said...

We are definitely close and getting closer fast to the day something gives, but how close, is hard to say. I would say a few short years at most. Maybe if the 2024 election is stolen the pressure in the cooker will have reached its limit ? who knows ?

but another question I have is,

Why are our leaders doing their best ( ex; Mayorkas and his 600,000 gotaways who for all we know might be terrorists ) to cause a collapse, financial or societal ?

Stupidity? Malice?
Are the Bribes they receive are so gigantic that they do not care if the USA collapse?

Why are they doing their best to destroy not only the USA but Western Civilization ?

It boggles the mind...

Peteforester said...

I believe we're one more stolen election away. That is, of course, unless WW3 manifests itself in true worldwide fashion between now and NOV24, taking the spotlight off the people who stole the last election and those who fomented WW3...

...Be ready today... for whatever happens tomorrow...

Maniac said...

Accept Christ while you still can.

Anonymous said...

Load the country with third worlders, almost certainly some of them have terrorist connections, then when the expected handouts don't come or someone says "NOW", there are riots and terrorist attacks across most blue cities... of course, 'martial law must be invoked to preserve the nation'. That way all the other problems can be swept away or ignored. None of this is by accident but by intent. Of course, Trump will be to blame.

Beans said...

Maniac, Christ will accept you right up to the end. Thing is, you have to truly repent your sins, not 'repent' because you're scared of dying.

As to coming to machete/hanging time, sadly the Government has turned this nation into a nation of stooges and Stasi informers. One of the other 'benefits' of the Covidiocracy scam.

Anonymous said...

I believe they think they can reshape society into what they want without destroying it.
I also believe they are wrong, that while our society is malleable, that big a change will shatter it instead of moulding it.
Who will survive the changes is the big question.

tweell said...

Well, I trust in the ability of our 'elected' officials - their ability to kick the can of consequences a few more times down the road of time. My prediction is 2032 - 2040. That's not saying that the last years of the republic will be good ones, mind you, just that it will exist in its' present form until then.

Tree Mike said...

Why it's happening has been told to us for decades, they haven't hidden it. WE only need 500 million for a "sustainable" civilization. Hence, get rid of the useless eaters.

Mind your own business said...

I suspect that it will happen gradually over time, and there will be no clear delineation. I wouldn't be waiting around for some clear signal that never comes.

Which means there will be an indeterminate period where "the rules" will be unclear and people will be forced to break some of the old rules or adopt some of the new ones in order to survive, and yet remnants of the old systems will try to hold them accountable for breaking those old rules or failing to abide by the new ones.

This will make it very difficult to maneuver, and many people will get whipsawed if they go weapons hot too soon or at the wrong time and place.

The Churn - where the rules of society are in flux and survival may be a matter of luck as much as it is preparedness.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe your just watching the news way to much, Peter.

"Doomscrolling" makes people unhappy. It gives the impression things are worse than they really are, and makes you upset about things you can do nothing about.