Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday morning music


Back in 2015, I mentioned here that my wife and I had witnessed author, blogger and all-round good guy Mike Williamson dancing with his then one-year-old daughter to the tune of "Burger Dance", as performed by Austrian entertainer DJ Ötzi.  It's a variation on the "Fast Food Song", which is itself a variation on a traditional Moroccan children's song.  Whatever its origins, it's a real earworm.

Last night, at our weekly gathering of the North Texas Troublemakers, the song was mentioned again.  It made us all smile;  so I figured I'd inflict it on you again.

So much for your happy, holy, peaceful Sunday!



Anonymous said...

Reminds me a little of American Fast Food by Randy Stonehill

Anonymous said...

Heh. I see that and raise you the Hillbilly Thomists. What happens when you leave Dominican friars, a banjo, and burbon unsupervised.


Hamsterman said...

Tricon Industries (which include KFC & Pizza Hut) were unavailable for comment.

If you need to remove the earworm, I humbly suggest The Hamster Dance. :)

Anonymous said...

And the Hamster dance can be readily replaced by the Wiper Blade song by Heywood Banks.

Tree Mike said...

Holy...smoke! That was WAY overly uplifting! Never heard anything like that before! Nothing like 10,000(?) people happily singing at the top of their collective voices to get the blood pumping. That was wild, awesome, great! thanks!