Tuesday, November 14, 2023

For the martial artists among us (with tongue firmly in cheek)


The host of the Shadiversity channel on YouTube gives us the lowdown on nunchaku.

He has a lot more to say about nunchaku in a series of videos.  Click over there to enjoy them all.  His entire channel is worth a look, if you like your weapons lore with a heavy side of snark and satire, as is his Shadlands channel on how to build your own medieval castle. 



mobius said...

They are easier to carry. Sort of like a 9mm.

Justin_O_Guy said...

If anyone thinks that guy is right, watch Enter the Dragon.
I'm Not good at history, but I think I remember hearing that there was a time when the People were not allowed to be armed. A stick big enough to be useful couldn't be concealed, but two short ones connected, could be.

Nate Winchester said...

He also has a pop culture review channel.

Also if anybody doesn't understand his golf club video, just ask and I'll explain.

Gerry said...

But, but, but Bruce Lee used nunchucks!
To belittle nunchucks is to belittle Bruce Lee.

Next he will be saying Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick is a waste of motion.

Be very careful sir!

mostly cajun said...


Anonymous said...

Like he said, it takes 10x the training to use nunchucks effectively.

Beans said...

Gerry, Norris' roundhouse against an armed and armored opponent is a waste of energy. Better to just shoot the bastid.

And nunchucks are better than nothing. But an actual mace or cudgel is a much better weapon.

tweell said...

I was told that they started out as a grain threshing tool, and became weapons only after the local VIPs declared standard weapons to be outlawed.

tsquared said...

I learned how to use them as a teenager 45 years ago. I beat the hell out of myself in the process and I had a training set covered in foam.

Anonymous said...

tsquared -

About the same amount of time for me. And the same results. But mine weren't padded, they were oak. Still have them. Pull them out once in awhile, look at them, then decide it ain't worth the pain.