Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Too cute!


We often speak of "pink elephants" in regard to what an alcoholic may "see" during his more inebriated moments.  Nevertheless, some baby elephants are, indeed, born pink, although they lose that color as they grow.

A game guide in South Africa had the fun of encountering a mother elephant and her pink baby at a local river.  She videoed the scene.  The elephants are used to tourists and their vehicles, so they're completely unfazed by their presence.

Note the other two elephants in the water with the mother and baby.  They're standing by to help in case any of the local crocodiles decide that baby elephant is on the menu today.  I've seen what happens to crocodiles in such cases . . . it ain't pretty!  When six tons of elephant stands on top of a crocodile, the weight wins!



Gerry said...

I have read and heard that tuskless cows are very cranky by nature.
That one sure was.

Amahl_Shukup said...

Fascinating! A lot like humans, large brain animals are capable of both love and killing. You couldn't have posted two more interesting vids on the subject of life and death.

Old NFO said...

Gross tonnage ALWAYS wins!

Spencer E. Hart said...

On the subject of elephants protecting their young:

(Although to me the picture of the car looks more rammed into and battered than actually "trampled.")

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that elephant was a mite perturbed

Mikey said...

What will the crocodile have for dinner?

Elephants Child!

I must have read that Rudyard Kipling story to my kids a zillion times.

The boook is called "Just So Stories".