Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Is deporting unwanted aliens even possible?


In his latest column, Fred Reed goes into detail about the complications that would ensue if the USA decides to deport all those illegals who've flooded over our border during the Biden administration.  He concludes:

I think the consequence of attempting to deport illegals on such a scale would be to throw the country into the worst crisis it has ever experienced without deporting much of anybody. Of course, I have noticed that what I think does not control the workings of the universe, doubtless a cosmic oversight of some sort. Still, it might be a good idea to think things through before undertaking them. Granted, this would be a break with tradition, but a little adventure spices up life.

I'm not going to cherry-pick points from his article, but I do highly recommend that you click over there and read the whole thing.  He's quite right about the difficulties that would be involved - so many of them, and so vast, that they might make the entire project impractical, literally impossible.  It may be that, as far as immigration is concerned, we as a nation have crossed the Rubicon and there's no going back.  I hate the thought - and I'm a legal immigrant myself - but that may be the case.

If you can think of any practical method of achieving the deportation of millions of unwanted illegals, without ripping the country apart in the process, I'd love to hear it.  Please give us details in Comments.



Zaphod said...

Your Greatest Ally isn't averse to giving it the old college try. What's good for the Goose... After all they can do no wrong and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Simply a matter of Will.

John Fisher said...

As an opposing opinion I'd offer Operation Wetback -

All we need is the will to do it. The cost would be far less than what the illegal immigrant invasion is costing the country.

Anonymous said...

Cut off all government benefits, end access to any government services (including schools and hospitals), tax out of country remittances at 50% or greater - they would self-select and leave.

Travis Hancock said...

Pressure the illegals to deport themselves:

1) Tax any "remittance" at 100% (confiscation)
2) It is now a felony to possess any US currency
3) It is now a felony to employ any illegal. Mandatory e-verify with such confirmation filed with payroll tax filings (you get a confirmation code upon verification). Real jail time for violations.
4) Any identification documents possessed by illegals are now invalid (driver's licenses)
5) Children attending public schools must be children of citizens or legal permanent residents (green card holders) with mandatory verification

It CAN be done, provide the correct incentives and they will leave. Make it impossible for them to live here. All we need are a few laws and then ENFORCE THOSE LAWS MERCILESSLY.

This will of course never happen.

Zaphod said...

The Bantu deported *you*. They deported my family. Where I live, practically every third Cathay Pacific Pilot is ex South African. I lived part of my later life in a town in Australian which had a significant influx of Whenwes (*). Same thing.

Let's not get hung up on semantics. We were all *there* and now we are all *elsewhere*. They got their desired result. They 'Won'. You don't need a government badge and a bunch of legislation to deport people... You just need to MAKE THEM GO.

Obviously mass deportation can be done. Any group can do it given sufficient motivation and unpleasantness.

For the Rod Dreher School of Cuckoldry (Looked that last bit up in the Rule of Benedict and couldn't find it... but what do I know) there's competitive handwringing competitions with every entrant guaranteed a medal.

It's always just a question of that big bad Nietzschean word: Will.

Ah yes... Leni Riefenstahl... something about Triumph of the Will. You see we're not allowed to have any Wins because doing what we really want is not permitted us (and only us Whiteys) after the Last Unpleasantness. Says Who, you may ask? Who has decided for us what is moral and immoral? That's a very good question indeed :)

(Israel is currently attempting a mass deportation of the population of Gaza. Curious to see if my other post alluding to this topic will pass censorship :P)

* For the uninitiated, 'Whenwe' is a rather unkind old South African slang for White Rhodesian : "When we lived in Bulawayo and drove a Mercedes and had three families of servants living out back in the old converted stable block" -- this said after they'd had to relocate in a hurry and now living in vastly more straitened circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I've heard it said and suggested in other places, cut them off, they will self deport. To some people of the wet-noodle-spine persuasion this may seem cruel, but.... Very simply:

No Food Stamps
No Welfare
No free housing
No free medical
No path to legal immigration so long as you are inside the country (*must apply for citizenship from your inside your country of origin at the US Embassy there. Oh you face persecution, we don't have an embassy there? Too fucking bad!)

Cut them off as persona non-grata, period. Not a US Citizen or legal migrant, you get nothing, not an inch. Churches and non-profits can do as they wish, but not with Gov't money like these NGO's and such are now... When I say cut them off, I mean cut them completely off from every freebie but the bus ride to the closest border crossing.

Wanna work under the table and find rent-for-cash, that's your business...

The massive influx of migrants are here for one simple reason - all the free shit.
They get none of it in their home countries because they are 3rd world shitholes with barely functional governments. Take the risk, make the journey, free-everything if you can get here and claim asylum. That's why they do it. Cut off the free shit, they'll stop coming, and self deport to Canada or wherever, because they are not going to work and be productive members of society, no matter where they live. The dirt is not magic, a wise man once said.
When the locusts run out of food, they move on to the next field. Cut off the food.

Aesop said...

Of course, this has nothing to with Fred Reed having decamped to Mexico in the first place years ago, and thus afraid that
a) all those ne'er-do-wells will be getting shipped back home to mama, nor
b) the strong likelihood that tit-for-tat will see El Gringo Freddy shipped kicking and screaming back to the country he regularly craps on from just over the border.

In the immortal words of Tonto: "White Man speak with fork-ed tongue."

Fred Reed's bathroom mirror should be imprinted with "Don't Believe Anything I Say"

That noted, if we simply prosecuted employers for hiring illegals, cut off all government benefits for illegals, excise-taxed all monetary transfers at 90%, barred them from legal entry for life for the first offense of illegally crossing, and roughly 95% of them would self-deport in hours, and it'd be overwhelmingly a paper drill, with minimal physical effort.

Oh, and probably not cutting the barbed wire fence and holding the gates open for the last 2M who've crossed over just this year, including untold number of criminals and terrorists.

When burglars keep coming through the window, Fred Reed's answer is that you might as well just cut them a door, and leave it open, instead of buying a shotgun.

So Fred's not only a dishonest broker, he's full of excrement on the topic. As ever.

Anonymous said...

Stop the handouts. This will lower the attraction and cause self-deportation to start.

Xoph said...

Since I am to the right of Ghengis Khan I will not go into my methods for the faint of heart. That said, the right methods will cause those to deport themselves. Yes some would fight, many on both sides would be killed. A few may escape ala Anne Frank hiding in the Attic, but it could be done. Are we capable of the brutality to do it? Well that is the question.

Mauser said...

Deportation Trebuchets all along the border. Use them enough and it will discourage further immigrants.

Obviously not a serious suggestion....

Anonymous said...

End the welfare system. Aggressive and consequential punishment of employers, benefactors,.facilitators. That includes so.called Christian charities. Revoke their charitable status and denomination affiliated with them. That'd be a start. And a Christian so.dont think I am an anti religious bigot.

Anonymous said...


I hear we have a debt of over 30 trillion - this should be a reminder to stop paying out what we don't have.

1chota said...

Cut off all government largesse.

Chris Nelson said...

Probably nothing will happen given the current political environment, but technically you don't have to deport them, you could stop giving them preferential treatment and any benefits to them or their children.

This would mean:

0) Close the border and end birth right citizenship
1) Ballots in English only. Government services in English only.
2) No free healthcare beyond the emergency care to get you back over the border.
3) No public schooling or ESL/free lunch programs.
4) No property ownership
5) No long term rentals
6) No foreign language broadcast stations licensed by the FCC.
7) Massive taxes on remittances
8) No IDs or drivers licences

Plus penalize employers, NGOs, and "charities" while offering good whistle-blower rewards.

This will never occur, so technically we are just teeth dreaming like we won the lottery.

heresolong said...

I'm old enough to remember, in the days before debit and credit cards were as prevalent as they are now, being required to have enough cash on hand when traveling to a foreign country, to maintain oneself and get back home. It was a question at the US-Canada border.

tweell said...

As others have noted, it is simple (not easy, but simple) to get rid of the vast majority of illegals. Shutting off the government subsidies, denying free medical care and going after the employers will cause them to self-deport. The criminal portion will stick around, but making a law that deems all forcibly deported illegals subject to execution if they come back would eventually deal with that as well.

Several industries would be severely impacted. Construction, meat packing and fast food would be foremost, there are others. They would have to change their ways. Wages and prices for these sectors would rise in the short term, they are artificially low due to government effectively subsidizing their labor. In the long term, robotics would replace the (no longer cheap) humans.

Our VIPs would have to give up their gardeners, nannies and such. Oh the humanity! Teenagers would be called on to work more, and unemployment would consist mainly of the sick, lame and lazy. Hospitals would not have the load of providing free health care to the illegals, prices there may actually drop.

Mexico and to a lesser extent all of Central America would destabilize. Remittances make up 20% of Mexico's GDP, that would go away. They'd have to deal with their own people instead of exporting them. Fred Reed must be petrified thinking about that one.

The problem is that the current situation is unstable, it cannot continue for much longer. If the USA collapses or turns to civil war, the illegals are going to be screwed. No goodies, no jobs, and the guns would be coming out. Having them leave on their own accord first would be much better for everyone concerned. Sadly, our political masters have only mastered one talent, putting off consequences for a later time. When that time finally arrives, oh LORD.

Mad celt said...

Try it because you won't know until you try. Feelings in this matter do not count. Nothing moves upon feelings.

SiGraybeard said...

Open question: which happens first?

1. Economic collapse of the US? (and yes, hyperinflation isn't "plain old inflation on steroids", so it's included)
2. Massive terrorist attacks on the US by the trained Hamas/Hezbollah/Chinese/et all invaders who are setting up operations all over the US, which leads to complete collapse of the US?
3. We gather the guts to completely cut off the welfare/public assistance to the illegals and get them to self-deport?

Zoot Fenster said...

Step 1: Stop all immigration. No reason to deport them home. Send them to somewhere that they can't walk back. Ukraine, Africa or Siberia come to mind. All of these places need physical bodies to work or fight.

Landroll said...

when I worked in England at the end of the nineties, my passport was stamped "No recourse to public funds" each time I entered the country. Easy Peasy.

Jess said...

I'm a little amazed that anyone would shrug and not even attempt what might be a difficult task.

The easiest solution is to make it a felony to allow anyone to rent, lease, inhabit or willfully employ without a vetted government document. It doesn't have to be a federal crime. States can handle what they perceive as their problem. Illegals will self-deport when they have nowhere to live. That, and kindness loses its feel-good factor when the dollars achieved with the "philanthropy" might end up as evidence seized in the act of a crime.

kurt9 said...

Let them stay. But all government benefits are cut off, permanently. No pathway to citizenship, ever. Then leave this as the status quo.

Maniac said...

Who are we kidding here? Let's face it- they're here to stay and our tax dollars will continue to support them.

JG said...

Eisenhower did it in the 50s and cleared out 3M. The first thing would be to end all financial benefits plus allowing for money to be sent to foreign lands. Most illegals send money back to families or to others in their home country from the USA and if we stop that the money stays in the USA, and it gives them no reason to stay.

Next no drivers license or any legal application at federal, state, county, or city level. This can be forced through Federal Law declaring illegals invaders and felons.

Mind your own business said...

There are practical ways to accomplish deportation of illegals, but I suspect they are unpalatable.
But the crux is to make it so uncomfortable and unsafe for illegals to remain, that they self-deport.

Anonymous said...

The problem is- "we" are all talking as if "we" have the power to change government policy.

Solutions would need to be done privately. Private landowners along the river of a mind to solve this problem, ought to be go-funded for trebuchets, as noted above, and volunteers show up, ala Bundy Ranch, to capture and launch the trespassers over the border.

Private solutions for a better world.

No animals should be harmed in the making of this video.

glasslass said...

Anyone on "free stuff" rolls gets his ticket back to where he/she came from. They have 14 days to dispose, pack and be on assigned transportation. if you have had no interactions with any law enforcement you get the full 14 days. Any charges for anything you're leaving in 3 days. Too bad, so sad. If you've had a child on our land then we'll have orphanages ready to take them in or go with you. All forms of ID is handed over at time of departure. Border police get to take the gloves off and they will shoot anyone who steps foot on our land. Caught you are taken to jail for 3 years then deported to the authorities there. In other words we Don't Want You. Your problem, not ours.

JoshO said...

Its 100% doable. It just takes the will to do it and the understanding that it will almost certainly take at least some violence. But that are all sorts of good ideas and examples in previous comments here. Pretty much all of them should be employed.

Anonymous said...

Government is going to hyperinflate the currency, which will break the tax collection system, which will prevent government from hiring employees and paying out welfare, including social security. At that point, anyone who doesn't want to work for living is going to leave to find an earlier-stage communism to parasitize.

Justin_O_Guy said...

If you've had a child on our land then take your kids with you.
A careful reading of the Fourteenth Amendment will clear it up.

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LII U.S. Constitution 14th Amendment
14th Amendment
The Fourteenth Amendment addresses many aspects of citizenship and the rights of citizens. The most commonly used -- and frequently litigated -- phrase in the amendment is "equal protection of the laws", which figures prominently in a wide variety of landmark cases, including Brown v. Board of Education (racial discrimination), Roe v. Wade (reproductive rights), Bush v. Gore (election recounts), Reed v. Reed (gender discrimination), and University of California v. Bakke (racial quotas in education). See more...

Primary tabs
Amendment XIV
Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

All persons born or naturalized ..

The parents couldn't get citizenship, it could be granted under Color of Law,but it would be fraudulent.

and subject to the jurisdiction thereof

The parents were not ever associated with America. No more than a tourist from France being near your house in the country when her car broke down and the weather went to pieces and she sought shelter from the storm. You let her in, and Dang if her water doesn't break and the kid gets there before the ambulance does.
Are you responsible for the kid now? Well No, that's preposterous, right? Who is? The mom,right? Is the kid an American citizen? No,mom isn't in the
And subject to the laws thereof
group. The constitution doesn't apply to people here Illegally. Those are laws, it's the law of the land. It's what keeps us from being a democracy. It's not a suicide pact. Mom is a citizen of another country. The kid Belongs to the mom. Not America.
Would mom be required to obtain some kind of exit papers for her kid? Why would we just Allow her to remove from America one of Our citizens?
They Told us the constitution creates a citizen when a baby is born.
They lied.
They told us the constitution makes abortion a right. It doesn't. It isn't because understanding the constitution is so difficult that they demand we accept whatever slant the courts or government tells us it says. It's not because it was so confusing that the courts got it wrong. They pervert the constitution intentionally to accomplish their agendas.
Hell, they don't mind driving us from our jobs and destroying our lives if we won't take The Jabs even After the evidence that it was not Safe or Effective and the jabbed were dying all around, but the demand that The People submit continued.

Anonymous said...

As someone who worked in this, here my 2 cents:

Put executive leadership in DOJ and DHS who will carry out the law. Fire people who don't do their job.

Let loose CBP, ICE and local LE under the 287(g) program. If you get arrested for a crime, and are illegal, you do your time and are deported. Speeding ticket, DUI and illegal? Deported. Restart Operation Wetback.

You return after deportation? Prosecute them for 8 USC 1326. Open Maricopa County type jails to hold offenders.

Enforce the requirement and inspect I-9 forms by employers. You knowingly hire illegal aliens - jail and fine. Enforce e-Verify.

The illegals are here because they know that they are free to come and stay. Once the see they aren't wanted, many will go elsewhere.

Keep it up until we have control again.

Anonymous said...

WWIII is about to go hot. Conscript them and they get a "weapon" when they capture one on the field of battle. Short of that they are there to deplete the enemies ammunition supply.

Identifying a foreigner is very easy. There's a reason accents are a thing.

I'd add dual citizens as well. They're citizens of convenience and we're done being an economic zone.

boron said...

and our conservative governors have only increased the difficulty shipping them all over the country and embedding them in the sties where they'll be sustained by Federal money.
and then you have people like my SIL who you'll hear whimpering as they shovel the earth on her coffin: "Oh! those poor people; and you want to send them awayayayay."

Anonymous said...

This is FACT.
But they can me made, Very Uncomfortable.

Unknown said...

Criminalize the employment and benefit side shut down all money transfers to the south, FBI agents need something to do, put then on it.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying for years that the problem can be solved by three actions:

#1-if you are here illegally and we find you, you are going to jail.

#2-if you are here illegally and are working and we find you, you and your
employer are going to jail.

#3-if you are here illegally and are renting an apartment or buying a house
and we find you, you and your landlord or mortgage holder are going to

Do this and stand at the boarder and you will be trampled.

Anonymous said...

But now who is going to roof my house?

Fredrick said...

As Asoep pointed out, Fred Reed left the US a long time ago. Now he's selling defeatism.

TCK said...

As mentioned, there is a very simple solution to this problem.
Here illegally? Get deported, immediately (none of this "stay here forever while corrupt anti-American judges and bureaucrats stall your asylum hearing indefinitely" shit).

Get caught again after already being deported? On the spot execution of the offender, anyone who helped traffic them, and the families of all the above.

Watch the problem disappear almost overnight.

Anonymous said...

Suppose that 3% of US population, over 10 million, turned off their cell phones, converted their paper wealth into gold coins at home, strapped on their pistols, took the license plates off their cars, stopped paying taxes, refused to be prosecuted, and talked about all this loudly and continuously. An ever-increasing number of others will stop paying taxes so as to not be the only chumps paying. With tax collection stopped, purchasing power transfers to welfare and warfare will stop. Without government handouts, everybody who doesn't want to work for a living will leave. Too bad the common people don't have some form of inexpensive mass communication to organize mass political movements with.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Sounds like a fair plan. It would not be bloodless.

Anonymous said...

Deny access to government benefits and assess a $2500/day/offense regulatory fine on any employer hiring anyone without a valid work permit.

No profit nor sustenance and the immigrants will deport themselves.

Sentenza said...

Create a presumption in US law that if you travel through more than one country, do not claim asylum and then wait for your claim to be denied, you do not have a bona fide fear of persecution upon entry to the United States. Also, if the immigration authorities determine you have committed fraud in your asylum application, that's grounds for a summary denial.

Train CBP Officers and Border Patrol agents as limited purpose asylum officers for the purpose of making the above bona fide claim and fraud determination.

Also, abrogate the Safe Third Country agreement with Canada. They're liberal wokies who welcome migrants, so, I see nothing wrong with passing the buck to them.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Create a presumption in US law that if you travel through more than one country, do not claim asylum and then

Already law.
The First country encountered that is Safe,you apply.
Our criminal government lies.

Anonymous said...

1) end birthright citizenship
2) in the medical field the feds have authorized RAC auditors- private companies to go into hospitals/clinics, random sample charts and if they find over billing they extrapolate for the entire year, fine the hospital for the overcharge and take a cut. We empower private companies to go into any business and audit employee records, if illegals are employed the extrapolate yearly salary and fine the employer and take their cut. Empower incentivized private capitalism.
3) in their home countries only, contract with banks for ID verification. If they can pay $5k for a coyote they can pay for background check with BoA or Amex. If we need workers (high tech/farm/menial) we will let only certain numbers in each year, where all wages are paid directly into a bank account (no under table untaxed wages) each year of gainful employment and no criminal activity accrues points for eventual citizenship.
4) anyone caught in US illegally immediate deportation with full biometric scanning and complete banning from returning above. Second apprehension is mandatory prison time
5) tax all remittances unless tied to verified accounts from 3.

Avoids the film at eleven, tear-jerking police raids on poor illegal homes. Goes directly at magnet which is jobs/money/welfare, will start self deporting slowly but in ever increasing numbers as jobs dry up for illegals and companies can still get workers legally avoiding punishing fines. Keeps economy going but starts eliminating welfare drag and underground economy

Justin_O_Guy said...

English only ballots. Only citizens can vote. Read, write, speak English is required to pass the test. It was when my Greek stepmother became a citizen.

IDK that it is true, but reports claiming the invaders are being given a Coupla thousand dollars a month have been making the rounds.
If our government is working to bring illegal immigrants in, it's going to be hard to get rid of them.
But however difficult, disruptive and damaging it will be, it simply Must be done, or America will not recover.
The productive among us can only carry so many. Clowerd and Piven, understand what they said. Overload the societal safety nets and collapse the society. It's not difficult to understand how that works.

Linda Fox said...

Here's how it played out in the greater Charlotte, NC area in the aftermath of the collapse of the giant banks in 2008.
1) Most of the immigrants were immediately out of jobs. After a few weeks, the return to Mexico and other Central American countries started. I saw this at the school I worked at, as parents came in to de-enroll their kids.
2) The outflow accelerated, as the secondary businesses (those that depended on immigrants) failed. Those people started leaving.
At that point, the illegals remain were about 40% - 50% fewer than they had been.
A SMART government would have taken steps to get rid of the rest of the deportables:
- Going through government records, and starting to check whether that person is an American-born person (also checking the SS # to make sure it's not being used by more than one person).
- Kicking the illegals off unemployment, EBT, SHIP for health care for kids, use of TAXPAYER-PAID legal assistance for appeals, housing assistance, medical coverage (both Medicaid and Obamacare).
- Check EVERY person arrested or detained for open warrants, DUIs, deportation orders, and use of government ID they are not entitled to. If they have a driver's license, check the records to see if they are registered to vote, and whether they have.
Publish all this in the media. If they know they WILL get caught, and their families deported after serving time, they WILL leave. Grudgingly, protesting all the way, but they WILL go.