Monday, June 28, 2010

Doofus Of The Day #366

Today's Doofus is from Talladega, Alabama. A tip o' the hat to FarmDad for providing the link to the story.

A Talladega man sustained burns over about 90 percent of his body after climbing a fence into an Alabama Power substation on Stephen J. White Memorial Blvd. early Friday morning.

Police Chief Alan Watson said Willie Eugene Lewis scaled the fence around the substation sometime before 2 a.m. Friday. He then began climbing on some of the equipment, grabbing on with both hands.

Some 44,000 volts of electricity proceeded to pass through his body, burning the clothes off his back and burning off his genitals. In spite of this, Lewis was able to walk to the emergency room of Citizens Baptist Medical Center on his own.

. . .

Lewis was admitted in critical condition, and was eventually airlifted to the burn center at UAB Hospital. Watson said he was listed in stable condition Friday afternoon.

. . .

Watson could not say exactly what Lewis might have been doing inside the fenced substation, but alcohol should not be ruled out as a factor.

There's more at the link.

'Burning off his genitals'??? That's a Darwin award, right there . . . and as for 'alcohol should not be ruled out as a factor' - no s***, Sherlock!!!



Anonymous said...

If it has a fence around it, and it hums about 60 Hz... yeah.


Crucis said...

With 90% burns, he's lucky to have survived at all. He's one of the few to receive his Darwin Award while still breathing.

Anonymous said...

He may not be breathing long. Most of those burns are probably 3rd degree. The only way he could've walked to the hospital is with the nerves destroyed. I wonder if he was a would-be copper thief?


Anonymous said...

He certainly appears to be an oxygen thief.