Sunday, June 27, 2010

For warbirds fans

Via an IRC chat session today I was led to this thread on the Warbird Information Exchange. It's 54 pages long at the time of writing, and it's chock-full of wonderful photographs of historical US Navy (plus a few other) combat aircraft. I've included a couple of examples here. (Click the images for a larger view.)

Grumman F8F-1 Bearcats over Glenview Naval Air Station, Illinois, date unknown

I've never seen a collection like it. Many of the photographs are unique in my experience. It's a magnificent resource for aviation fans in general and warbirds fans in particular.

Grumman F9F-8 Cougars over Mount Fuji, Japan, 1956

Very highly recommended viewing. I've bookmarked it for (frequent) future reference.


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