Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So much for live reporting!

This reporter found out the hard way that demonstrating a technique to your audience can be . . . er . . . embarrassing (particularly when the editor saves the out-takes!).

On the other hand, he gets a gold star for persistence!



Carteach said...

Tempered safety glass can be removed very easily indeed with the right tool. A hammer is not the right tool (g).

Old NFO said...

LOL- I used to carry a spring punch when I was with the VFD, THOSE work... :-)

Carteach said...

Most pocket tools and knives designed with EMS and firefighters in mind have carbide strike points on them someplace.

Shucks.... a fragment of spark plug ceramic tossed at a good clip will do it. It just has to be harder than the glass, and pointed enough to concentrate the blow.

I have seen five pound hammers bounce off car windows hard enough to nail the user a pretty good wallop.

gebiv said...

So, if he'd used the claw end of the hammer it would have worked?

And why wasn't he wearing gloves?

Mikael said...

The best take was where he hit the window and it droped down! ROFL.

Anonymous said...

If he had the face of that hammer turned down to a point he'd probably have more luck.

Then again the aforementioned automatic spring punch would be a lot easier.


Bob Mueller said...

He also earned the Purple Microphone for his injury.

Yeah, the window dropping was classic.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Carteach0 is right--I learned this in fire department extrication training too -- a sharp blow with the punch in a lower corner of the window.