Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is to laugh . . .

I enjoy cartoonists' takes on the events of ordinary everyday life. They seem to be able to find humor in the simplest things. Giles was perhaps the doyen of them all in that regard, and I have several dozen of his cartoon annuals to make me chuckle from time to time.

Anyway, a British artist (?), Fiona Banner, has created an 'artwork' at the Tate Gallery by suspending a Harrier jet fighter from the ceiling, in what the Daily Mail called a 'bizarre' exhibition.

The newspaper's cartoonist, Mac, was unable to resist the temptation. Click here to see what he made of it today. (Clicking will open a new tab in your browser, or a new window; close it when you're done.)



Anonymous said...

I for one don't mind Harriers, provided the engine isn't running.

This installation makes no sense.


skidmark said...

"Just because you are sensitive and hang an airplane upside down does not make you an artist." I think one Brit has got it.

Of course, here in the USA, it would need to be inside a container of urine in order to qualify as art.

So I'm not sure who has the last laugh.

stay safe.

Shrimp said...

I, for one, like the Harrier, and think it a beautiful aircraft, in an ugly ducking sort of way.

However, taking someone else's engineering and style and hanging it in a hall does not make one an artist, unless we add rip-off-- or con-- as a prefix.

Besides, she totally hung it upside down. Didn't anyone notice???

Anonymous said...

At least she didn't melt down a bunch of guns. And it's SHINY! We love shinies!


Anonymous said...

I find the cartoon better "art" than the Hanging Harrier. Speaking as an ex-Harrier pilot.


Buddy said...

What do the F4 Phantom and the Harrier have in common?
They ain't pretty, just...

...and I don't think the Harrier or the Jaguar belong in an art museum, but an aviation museum! Their designers must be ROTFLOLWT!

She has a about as much artistic talent as my left big toe!