Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Artistry with a bulldozer

This is a guy who knows what he's doing!  I wonder what that rock weighed?



BobF said...

Good morning, Peter. Halfway through, I was thinking, man it would be neat if he were rolling it toward a cliff. And then...oh wow! My dream come true!

I'm thinking of the Hollywood version though -- structure full of whatever down there, massive pyrotechnic show, remains/debris with boulder in the center.

I like the real version better. Very neat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but can he square it off, along with a few thousand others, and pile them into a pyramid?

perlhaqr said...


rremington said...


That rock probably weighs about 30 tons.

Unknown said...


I am the maker of the video. The D11R weighs 276,000 Lbs. in that configuration. A bulldozer in principle cannot push more than it weighs. I am estimating that the rock weighs in excess of 200,000 Lbs. due to the fact the bulldozer was laboring pretty good. I appreciate your post and wish you the best.