Thursday, June 19, 2014

An appeal to my readers

To those of you who've read (and hopefully enjoyed) my latest book, 'War To The Knife':

  1. Please, please put up a review on!  Even if it's short, just to say you liked it, that's great.  There are several marketing opportunities that only open up when a book has a certain number of reviews, and I'd love to be able to use them.
  2. I'd be very grateful if you'd please spread the word about the book's availability on your blogs or social media pages.  I'm totally reliant on word-of-mouth at this stage to publicize the book, so your help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm also expanding my distribution beyond  My first four books will soon be available at the Apple iBooks Store, Barnes & Noble (for its Nook e-reader), Scribd and Kobo.  That should cover most of the e-reader market, and improve penetration overseas as well.  The latest book will follow in about two and a half months, when its initial term with Amazon's KDP Select expires.  I'll post links to the books on those four new services as soon as they're live.

Thanks again to all of you for your support.  I couldn't do this without you!



Old NFO said...

I'll run it again for ya.

Anonymous said...

I posted my review of "War To The Knife" (titled "Vive le Resistance") at Amazon a couple of days ago. Can't wait for Part Two.

--Wes S.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Good luck getting reviews. It's like pulling teeth, at least for me. One reader, who asked for a book of mine, read it to the end, praised it to me in email, and promised me a review a month ago still hasn't delivered. As for persons who aren't relatives, good friends, or debtors...don't hold your breath.

Dan F said...

I read your book and enjoyed it. I have been trying to post a review on Amazon. Since I mostly surf the web using a smartphone I have been unable to figure out how to add a review. I can read them but not add one. I will keep working at it.

Dan F said...

Update: I finally got it to work

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Thanks Dan, Wes, & NFO!