Monday, March 5, 2018

An earworm - and now an eyeworm too

I wonder how many of you remember the old earworm tune "Popcorn" from 1969?  I'm most familiar with this 1972 recording by Hot Butter.

While idly browsing through YouTube the other day, I found that "Popcorn" had been borrowed by the Crazy Frog people.  (You remember their signature tune, don't you?  Believe it or not, it now has over one billion views on YouTube!)  They turned it into a music video.  I giggled.



Suz said...

Good music to do cardio to.

Peter said...

Swedish Chef's cover is good too...

Pinakeli said...

And this is a great site for versions:

Compilation of several:

BobF said...

No room for it here. Saw The Lion King last week, row B. 2 tunes stuck in my head fighting for dominance. What say? I can't hear you/I was distracted.

Want to know the worst earworm possible?
Answer: One you don't even know the words to because it's in another language you don't understand!!!!!!!!


Sam L. said...

No,I didn't remember that tune...until the second note.