Friday, March 23, 2018

Good news! The Home is back on the Range!

Fellow blogger, author and friend in meatspace and cyberspace, Brigid, has returned to active blogging.  She has a post up explaining what made her stop for a while.

Brigid's always been one of the more thoughtful and thought-provoking bloggers out there.  She has depths to her, and is able to express them poetically and poignantly.  If you've been a fan of hers in the past, you'll rejoice with me that she's back.  If you haven't read her work before, it's high time you did!

Click over to "Home on the Range" and bookmark it for future reference.



OldAFSarge said...

I was overjoyed to see that as well!

Anonymous said...

thank you. I have been concerned for her. Miss her much.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! I'm only sorry that I can't leave a comment on her site telling her how happy I am to see her "back". The occasional guest post reminded me how wonderful her writing is.
I can only hope that payback soon comes to the trolls that caused this.
What a great connection she's made with the Piano Guys too!
Just thrilled. Best news of the day...
Boat Guy