Thursday, March 29, 2018

Collective noun of the day

From The Gunslinger, who provides attribution:

A group of three or more Prius vehicles is a "Smug" of Prii.  "I'm betting they show up in a Smug of Prii."


(For the benefit of overseas readers who may not understand: to drive the electric-hybrid Prius is renowned notorious as an ostentatious nose-in-air "statement" by eco-Nazis that they're doing their best to protect the environment, while the rest of us plebs in our gas-guzzlers are not.)



MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter;

A friend of mine at work has a license plate on the front of his Ram 2500 that states "EarthF**ker" and he loves to watch the gnashing of teeth and the pius owners full of their smug factor try to lecture him on the harm to the environment. I think he triggers at least one a day.

lpdbw said...

1. The "R" in Prius is silent.
2. The difference between a Porcupine and a Prius: On a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.
3. For a while, I called that car "Priapus".

Can you tell I'm not fond of eco-Nazis?

joekr said...

If you think that the Prius owners are smug, talk with a Tesla owner .
"You're driving a HYBRID?! They still use gasoline!"

DOuglas2 said...

Once when I was aware that 4 people from our site were all due to attend a meeting together about 60 miles away, I happened to be in the car-park as the 4 exited the building, each got into their own Prius, and left in convoy for the hour + journey.

As they all lived within 10 minutes of facility 1, I wasn't able to work out a logical reason for this.

thinkingman said...

My personal view on such- Buy a Prius, get less, MUCH less for more than I'd consider for such a thing, AND have to deal with batteries that shall need a rather expensive replacement ( as they ALL need replacement eventually ). OR, buy a Tesla. Well, If I HAD the money for a Tesla, I would have pretty much my choice of stuff, would I not? When I say, "have the money for a Tesla", I mean I could just go out, pick one, write the check, and then hit the leather. No payment-book, no being car-poor for 5 years, straining to cover other expenses.
I frankly can't afford to shift my carbon footprint from work boots to wingtips, because in the end, the footprint is still there anyway- I'd just have a bigger Utility bill instead of buying gasoline. Guess there is a reason why I've not read of, nor seen any hot rods nor customs using a Prius or Tesla powertrain.

dgfulker said...

I had a Prius ... just wanted to try it out. I detest the eco-nazis as much as anyone, but family members (some are actually eco-nazis; others are simply befuddled liberals.

Had the thing through two Montana winters, and danged near froze. You had a choice between enough defrost to be able to see, or enough heat to keep warm. Choose one.

Got a new real car as soon as we could .....

Rob said...

I'd go buy a Prius today if I had the money, have you seen what gasoline costs?
We live in a gasoline powered house 30' long & tow a Toyota, I KNOW what gas costs.

As to the electric car people with their nose in the air because "my car doesn't use gasoline"... they remind me of people who's meat comes from the grocery store on Styrofoam trays & their "they don't hurt animals making my steak!" attitude.

Sam L. said...

Douglas 2, did you seriously deride their eco-consciousness upon their return?

Anonymous said...

I have to say the Prius does hold up well in a collision. A few months after the Prius was introduced I was stopped on the highway for turning traffic and a driver of a Prius was messing with the radio and hit me at 65mph. Driver never touched the brakes. I don't know what it was like in the Prius but in my stopped car the impact was vicious. Everyone in the Prius was fine. The first responders had never dealt with the batteries in a hybrid and caused a bit of head scratching as to what the protocol was to deal with them.

Don in Oregon said...

If you want to have fun in Oregon, point out to drivers of electric cars that 40% of PGE's electricity comes from the Boardman coal-fired power plant, and that the electric cars you see are actually coal-powered. Makes their heads explode!

Stan_qaz said...

Here in Phoenix I'd put a "Burning Neutrons" sticker on my Tesla (if I could afford one) since it is getting a good bit of power from the Palo Verde nuke plant.

Anonymous said...

Once the batteries in the Pious expire after about 7 years, I'd buy one at scrap prices, take the batteries out and put in a HUGE V8 engine ... a diesel if I could find one.

Then I'd put a bumper sticker on the back which said "Earth First. THEN we strip mine the planets".

Should go down well in Berkeley! >};o)

Phil B

Anonymous said...

Went hiking the other day. Trail head parking limited and single Prius parked parallel to rod instead of nose-in taking up 4 spaces. Had to show good example to wards so could not slash tires, block in or otherwise demonstrate my displeasure.

Mike_C said...

@Differ. That's what Sharpie markers are for: a courteous and friendly note written (in graceful cursive :-) on the driver's side window.

Roy said...

My wife and I bought one of the first Prius's back in 2002. We really didn't go into the dealership looking for one, but after the demonstration ride and the *deal* we were offered, we couldn't pass it up.

We both loved that car. Because of it's mixed electric/gasoline powered drive train, it had great low-end torque and good cruising power as well. And did I mention that it got 45mpg back when gasoline prices were through the roof?

We kept it until 2014 - 12 years and over 160,000 miles. We *never* had a main battery problem - not once. (We did replace the regular 12v battery twice in that time.) And except for tires and other consumables, the car was very reliable and cheap to operate.

When it came time to replace it, we looked at the 2014 Prius's.

Whoa! Sticker shock!

When we bought the first one, it was an unknown model and Toyota was just breaking into the US market with them. Great deals could be had. 12 years later, it had become a "Political Statement" and the cheapest one was over twice what we paid for the first one.

We couldn't justify it and bought a Rav-4 instead.

Oh yeah, and when we drove the first one off the lot, I told my wife we were going to have to get a "Bush/Cheney" bumper sticker so folks wouldn't think we were a couple of aging hippies.