Friday, June 18, 2021

"Aiming is useless"? Not really, but Rob Leatham does have a point


Rob Leatham offers some pithy advice on how to shoot a handgun accurately.  Don't be fooled by the title - he makes a valid point.

Getting the basics right is almost always the key to everything else, in shooting as much as any other endeavor.  Holding the gun steady is the foundation of all the other building blocks we use.



Brad_in_IL said...


You wrote "Getting the basics right is almost always the key to everything else"

Not too long ago I read "Call Sign Chaos" by retired USMC General James Mattis ... over and over ... he drilled into his Marines ...

Be Brilliant at the Basics, in The Corps and in life. It will serve you well.

1chota said...

Rob is right in that it is simple but not easy. The discharge of a firearm so close to our central nervous system is horrific. The subconscious mind is trying to move the nasty thing away from it and thus we humans try to move that gun away as we anticipate the explosion. It is not the recoil, it is the LOUD noise. It is unpleasant thus we wear hearing protection. A way to beat the anticipation aspect is for one to employ snap caps (dummy rounds) in the mix providing a visual reference to what one is doing. Once one sees the result then the mental gymnastics can occur and one can overcome the problem.
peace, bro.

Beans said...

One of the first things taught in any martial arts, from fencing to heavy sword play to various eastern martial arts to jousting and, yes, shooting, is to learn to center or ground oneself. A stable fighting platform, even in a shifting world, often means the difference between a hit and a miss, a kill vs a wound, surviving vs well, not surviving.

Matters in hunting, combat shooting, competition shooting, shooting a cannon, shooting a pocket pistol...

Center. Ground. Fight from stability into chaos.