Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Elon Musk brings the smackdown to COVID vaccine effectiveness


Newsweek reports:

A tweet by Elon Musk about the COVID-19 vaccine has gone viral, after he posted about "disinformation."

The Tesla CEO took to X, formerly Twitter, which he also owns, to share a montage of news headlines that said the various vaccines for the virus were "100% effective."

"Have you heard dis information?" Musk captioned the tweet on Tuesday.

There's more at the link.

You'll find Musk's tweet and video here.  It's only a minute and a half, and worth your time to watch.

I suspect the makers of the various COVID vaccines are going to find it increasingly difficult to justify the billions of dollars they made on the back of their demonstrably ineffective products.  One hopes those chickens will come home to roost.  It's not too late to hope for prison sentences as well as fines...



BGnad said...

There is an ongoing Blevins lawsuit, asserting that Pfizer committed fraud against the American taxpayers by not providing a vaccine that 'stopped spread and prevented infection' by the Covid virus as explicitly required by the contract.
The suit has survived several motions by Pfizer to dismiss and is still ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that vaccines prevent infection has completely forgetton high school biology class. Vaccines have never prevented infection--what they do is allow your body to more easily recognize something bad when it does infect you.

We also have data that indicates that people who got vaccinated were six times less likely to die of COVID if infected than people who didn't. Call me crazy, but I don't call that "ineffective."

Anonymous said...

damn near EVERYBODY who died of Covid was vaccinated. We unvaccinated have largely been and remain Covid free.

Peteforester said...

"We also have data that indicates that people who got vaccinated were six times less likely to die of COVID if infected than people who didn't. Call me crazy, but I don't call that "ineffective."

I'm on the back side of 62 years old, 21 of those years spent in the military. I'm about as vaccinated as a man can get. In my entire 62+ years, I've NEVER known ANYONE that had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. Since the COVID "vaccine" made its MANDATORY debut, I now know three. One of them almost lost his arm to a blood clot. Now he's got other blood clots that aren't responding well to the blood thinners coincidentally manufactured by the same maker as the "vaccine." The clotting was determined to be DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE to the "vaccine" by his doctor, a cardiologist, and a HEMATOLOGIST.

The second of the three was in the Marines, and was FORCED to "vaccinate."
On top of being a Marine, he was a FITNESS BUFF. Now he's medically retired, on 100% disability. He can't even hold a job. The cause? The "vaccine."

The third person has experienced generalized malaise since receiving the shot. He can't prove it WAS the shot that caused this, but he was fine before getting it.

The evidence has been mounting as to the harm this "vaccine" is doing to it recipients. Go ahead though; be a sheep. Defend this thing. Be advised though, that following other sheep will eventually land you in the slaughterhouse... ..."Crazy" wasn't the word I was thinking of here...

As for the "vaccine," it wasn't "ineffective..." It was DIABOLICAL!!!

lpdbw said...

Anon @2:12 is acting exactly like a big pharma shill. The big key is "We have data". Which they don't, haven't, and never will.

Let's compare, shall we, polio and measles and smallpox vaccines to the Covid ones.

Remember all those stories of "breakthrough" measles, polio, and smallpox after vaccination? Other, of course, than the earliest polio ones where it is widely acknowledged that the vaccine itself caused the disease. Of course you don't; they had a small number of cases where the vaccine failed. And a small number of cases where the vaccine caused side effects ranging from small rashes to instant death. Even for measles.

Check out the youtube channel for Dr. John Campbell, while you can before he gets censored. He started out during Covid being all gung-ho for the .gov and pharma, and even touted the "vaccine" when it came out. He got it himself.

But he's a real scientist, and he can look at the statistics, and even though the .gov is trying hard to obscure it, it's clear. All vaccines in history, in fact all of them together, have fewer serious side effects than this one.

Even if you ignore the VAERS data, you can look at the excess deaths data. Using the number of deaths in the 5 years preceding Covid as a baseline, worldwide we're exceeding that number now. Covid isn't killing them, something else is. What's different now than pre-covid, hmm?

Day after day he points this stuff out in videos. Every day, he gets warnings posted on his channel FOR QUOTING OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT STATISTICS AND PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES. He gets videos pulled from the channel for using the word "death", even though it comes directly from a government website.

Look, I understand being a cheeleader for the vaccine before we had proof that Pfizer was lying about their data (again; they've paid fines for that in the past) and the press had built up the death (WITH Covid) numbers way in excess of what they were, and stupid doctors killed half the serious patients by putting them on ventilators, and all the politicians from county judges to the United Nations and all points in between saw a golden opportunity to sway elections and implement new emergency powers.

But we know better now. Current Covid is literally a common cold. That is, a barely symptomatic coronavirus that is easily passed and is best treated with chicken soup and rest. AND IT'S BEEN THAT WAY SINCE OMICRON!

I'll see your "six times less likely to die" and raise you "natural immunity is 27 times better than vaccination".

If you've had the shot, I'm sorry. You didn't deserve to be lied to, or threatened, or frightened. I'm sincerely convinced those who took the shot are likely to die younger because of it. You can have the sunk cost syndrome, or buyer's remorse, or even Stockholm syndrome and be quite vocal in your support of it, but that doesn't make you right.

Eyrie said...

I'm still hoping for trials and executions after what has been done.

Tom Bridgeland said...

The vaccines didn't do what the original hype claimed, but they are not 'ineffective'. I worked the entire pandemic as an RN, and for over 2 years did little but care for COVID patients. The vaccine was a game-changer. It was exceedingly rare to have a patient who had been vaccinated.

But I have no argument with those who never got the vaccine. An untested vaccine, first of an untested new kind of treatment, it was basically a mass experiment on the world's population, and in some cases open medical mal-practice, as in giving the vaccine to those at low risk.

They should have just let old farts like me test the vaccine, see what the dangers were and only then decide whether to give it to healthy young people. But that wasn't politically useful.

Will said...

@ 2:12

You are pushing disinformation on that subject. Stop depending on the MSM for your info, they are working for the .gov, and pushing the vaxx for them.

Currently, those with Covid shots are dying at a rate that is multiples of those unvaxxed. And, the more boosters they receive the worse the outlook for them. What they are seeing is that one of the main side-effects is the lessening of the capability of your immune system to function.

One of the first things they saw was that people with a prior cancer diagnosis, after being cancer free for years, see that same cancer return in a much more aggressive manner, and then die in a few months of battling it. This is not normal.

All Life Insurance companies are seeing the rate of death for working age people (20-55 years) has hit numbers that have never been seen before.

Mind your own business said...

I'm waiting, popcorn in hand, for someone vaccine-injured to start taking care of the corporate execs of these vaccine corporations, Ted Kaczynski-style.

Michael said...

Anon 1:49 partly true but incomplete.

An effective vaccine is designed to pre-load your immune system to recognize and react strongly against the disease protected from.

Thus, smallpox and a few other diseases were essentially eliminated from the Western world until we Imported unvaccinated 3rd world mostly military aged males into our country.

Several of the illegals, errr "undocumented" invaders err new democrat voters have been found with some serious diseases like TB and such.

Good times, let them buss them around roll on.

The NOT a Vaxx was a Bioweapon in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

That would be interesting if it were true.

It isn't.

Unaccounted people make up a disproportionate amount of COVID deaths.

Old NFO said...

Yep, lots of 'shills' out there, both in and out of .gov!

Peter said...

@Anonymous at 7:12PM: That link dates to last year, and uses data as of August 2022. The progression since then has been overwhelmingly against the vaccinated in terms of COVID fatalities and very bad side-effects. No, I'm not going to cite studies - there are many of them out there, both partisan and independent. Readers are free to investigate for themselves.

lpdbw said...

The vaccine was a game-changer.

Was it really all due to the vaccine?

Or was some of it due to the attenuation of the virus into more contagious but less deadly variants, like omicron?

Whatever the effectiveness of the virus, you need to measure it against an ever-decreasing risk of the disease itself.

Trailer For Sale Or Rent said...

Like Peteforester, I'm on the back side of 66 years old, 35 of those years spent in the offshore oil exploration industry, where overseas travel makes continuous vaccination mandatory, so I'm also about as vaccinated as a man can get.

In my entire 66+ years, I've also NEVER known ANYONE that had an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

Until this COVID mess. I declined to participate.

Anonymous said...

Very convenient.

Maniac said...

Anonymous @ 2:12 sounds like Zachriel, the know-it-all who spams the Maggie's Farm blog with some regularity.

Dave said...

For Pete and Traveler, I also am a world traveler and a stint in the military.

I knew many who had adverse reactions to various injections we were forced to get. Maybe Pete and Traveler were fortunate, but guys that I knew were in the hospital from the flu shot, or could barely function after yellow fever injections and the like. And that's not to mention the experimental ones that were supposed to protect us from chemical weapons without our MOPP gear. No problems -- plenty of problems. Don't forget the Anthrax mess.

It took me 20 years to convince the military docs that I got sick from the flu shot. My arm would swell to a larger size than Popeye's arm and I would be in the latrine for several days. Finally one doc told me to come back in three days. When I did, he said yup you've got a problem and exempted me from more shots.

Tom Bridgeland said...

IPDPW said:

Was it really all due to the vaccine?

Or was some of it due to the attenuation of the virus into more contagious but less deadly variants, like omicron?...

Reasonable, but the timing is wrong. The vaccine came out in December 2020, and Omicron didn't hit it's stride until a year later. That entire year we still had endless very seriously ill patients, a full hospital virtually every bed filled with COVID patients, and quite a few of them died. Very rare to get a seriously ill COVID patient who was vaccinated. Very rare.

Now, COVID is almost nothing, another mild cold or at worst similar to a flu, as you said. But that wasn't the case 2 years ago. I don't trust Pfizer or the other drug companies, at all. I don't trust their puny clinical trials or their hiding all the side effects, some very serious. We have no idea what the long-term effects of the vaccines will be, since they were close to untested when they were released.

I don't plan to get another COVID vaccine, ever, and will not get another mRNA vaccine until there have been a proper number of trials run, which will take years.

Anonymous said...

Yah but, half the country didn’t instantly become vaccinated in December of 20. It took almost a year before the jab was widely distributed. So it would seem the rate of mortality and the distribution were both increasing during the same time. We won’t know the totality of the damage done by this so-called vaccine for years if ever. Between the state media and .gov the truth could well die a lonely death.