Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday morning music


Last week we lost Roger Whittaker, one of my favorite singers and a staple of the "easy listening" circuit for the best part of half a century.  He had very few big hits, but sold something like 50 million records to a very loyal fan base, and - unusually - entertained in countries and languages other than his own, particularly German, for many years.  Some of his songs remain among my personal favorites, six of which I've selected in his memory this morning.

His first major hit was 1969's "Durham Town".

Also from the 1960's is his upbeat song, "Mexican Whistler".  Whittaker was an expert whistler, and featured it on several of his hits.

He could be reflective and thoughtful, too.  Here's "Why".

From the early 1970's, here's "New World in the Morning".

My personal favorite out of all his many songs is "I don't believe in 'If' anymore".

And what more appropriate song to close this memorial than "The Last Farewell"?

Thanks for the music, Mr. Whittaker.  You will be missed.



Bobh Gibson said...

I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Whittaker at the MN State Fair back in 19(90?,91?). The heavenly choir has a wonderful new addition.

Rest in Peace, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I took my mother to see him. He was one of her favorites.

An incredible whistler indeed.

Read about the tragedy that befell his mother and father at the hands of Kenyan "enrichables"

He was more forgiving than I would have been.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

JohninMd.(HELP!) said...

He was one of those performers who could always make you stop and listen, even if his music wasn't your " thing"... Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Witiker.

HMS Defiant said...

I hadn't heard. His was among the first albums I bought when I finally got around to buying a stereo. I listened to him on the radio since the 70s. I liked his music and the words carried meanings I assigned to them much the way I did with some other artists.

Dakota Viking said...

I'd heard his name, and truly recognized it, but couldn't place a song of his. Then you put up the samples, and I remembered the songs I'd heard decades ago. Another time, another life, so many paths to travel, yet I chose this one. Thanks.

Peter said...

Brings back so many bittersweet memories....thanks for sharing

Tsgt Joe said...

It was "last farewell" that introduced his music to me. Like you, "I dont believe in if anymore" was my favorite.